Boost your willpower by adapting this diet

Willpower is probably the force that drives us to live. It’s a force that stops us from giving up when it would be easy to do so. Many might call it to be the most important quality a human being can inculcate, to give meaning to his life and propel his contribution to society and humanity, further. Besides that, your willpower restricts you from doing what your innermost reckless desires may ask for. It’s a value that often might cause you to act according to your need, rather than your want. A lot of ways have been devised to improve upon on this quality like yoga, exercise. But can changing what you consume on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc be of any help to enhance this inherent ability?

The answer to that is yes. Our diet influences our lives in many more ways than imaginable. A simple modification here and there can speak volumes in the long term result it outputs. A healthy body can store a healthy mind. How we eat determines a lot how our body functions and indulging in a nutrient rich diet enhances our mental capabilities, strengthening qualities such as willpower, concentration, etc.

Different food items that enhance willpower:

  1. Fruits and vegetables: This inherent source of vitamins, minerals, and roughage is integral in keeping our bodily functions healthy and regulates the appetite. Fluid rich vegetables like cucumber, watermelon, etc keep us not only hydrated in the summer but can help our mental capabilities as well. Fruit juices are a must-have for the energy and hydration they pack in just a glass. Fruits are also an easily portable and dry form of food you can indulge in if you’re hungry, thus preventing you from trying out harmful fast foods.
  2. Cereals and pulses: Whole grain cereals for breakfast have become a staple food for most. The reason is clear and simple; they provide energy for a longer period of time by not allowing rapid glucose metabolism. Thus a good cereal Breakfast is guaranteed to keep you energized till your lunch hours.  Corn flakes, muesli are just a few examples of these cereals. Pulses like the variety of dal available in the market are one of the richest vegetarian protein sources and can keep you nourished for long periods of time.
  3. Egg: ‘Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao Ande’ was a popular term you must have been acquainted with on exposure to Indian media and television. The significance of this catch phrase was to explain how important eggs are for your daily diet and how much of a nourishment source it can be for those who don’t include some of the essential amino acids in their diet. Packed with nutrients and Vitamin D, eggs come with a huge blow of energy.
  4. Lemonade and fruit juices: A glass of lemonade has a lot of energy providing glucose that can provide you with enough energy to not listen to those hunger cravings that ask you to eat harmful foods, or fast food.

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