Role of exercises in diabetes

Human species was a hunter in nature, for this they needed to be physically fit and active. With evolution, we left the jungle and moved towards fixed establishments. During this process of civilisation, we became physically less active as modernisation has made humans lazier.

Our body has a peculiar property of atrophy of the organ which is not used for long. If we will not utilise our muscles required for physical activity, it could be assumed that future generations may born with atrophied muscles. Beside this, physical activity helps our body metabolism to be in sync with the surrounding environment.

For healthy living, we need to be physically active. To achieve this we should include exercise in our daily routine. For diabetic person exercise to become more important as the metabolism is already deranged. Exercise helps to control blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. It decreases the bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels in the blood. This reduces the risk of heart attack.

Controlled blood sugar reduces the complications of Diabetes. In conclusion, exercise improves the quality of life in diabetics.

But diabetic patients need to take some precautions before following any exercise schedule. They should avoid very strenuous exercise- it may lower their blood sugar levels below the critical level. This can be life threatening. They should start any exercise regime under expert’s supervision and in a case of their doctor. This will help them to control their diabetes without any threat. Exercise also helps to contain blood sugar levels within the acceptable limit in borderline diabetics before starting any treatment.

Exercise is always helpful for diabetics with any stage or of any type.

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