Personality Traits That The Shape Of Your Fingers Can Reveal About You

  • Nov 14 , 2017

A lot of features in your body are said to reveal a lot about your personality. And who doesn't like to know more about their personalities? Did you know that the shape of your finger can reveal a lot about your personality traits? The shape of your finger doesn't only reveal about your personality traits but also tells about your health conditions. Therefore, try checking the shape of your finger to exactly know what it means.

Shapes of fingers are generally divided into three categories. Try finding the shape of your finger and find out your personality traits based on it.

Type A finger: People who have this shape of finger are generally melancholic. They like to be alone. They are mostly seen being sad and dejected. They also generally tend to hide their feelings and put up a false facade. Often, they come across as strong and independent. But in reality, it is just a facade that they successfully put up. When it comes to emotions, these people are easily fooled. Once they get close to people, they tend to be nice to them. They do not like people who lie. They also do not like deceptive and hypocrite people. They do not display their emotions easily. They come across as strong whereas in reality, it is just the opposite. They could also be arrogant or eccentric. They also tend to complete tasks that are assigned to them on time, even if they do not like doing those tasks.

Type B finger: If the shape of your finger is of type B, you do not trust people easily. You are sceptical about most things that people tell you. You are a very loyal person. You do not compromise on anything when it comes to loyalty. You also devote all your attention to the person you love, often pampering them. You are an extremely sensitive person, though you might not come across as one. You often act blunt and avoid situations that could cause controversy or hurt other people. You come across as a lonely person. But in reality you do not like staying alone because you are afraid of getting hurt. A little emotional trigger can affect you a lot. You also have a strong self controlling power. You can stay calm in almost every situation that allows you to think clearly when others in the same situation are panicking.

Type C finger: People who posses Type C shape of finger are easily moved or touched. You generally let go off things that make you angry. You do not hold grudges for long. You generally enjoy your comfortable space and do not like exploring new things or situations that might make you uncomfortable. You also possess great respect for the opinions of others. You are very protective of your ego and every time you fight with someone, your ego pops up in between. But after the right is over, you are the first one to forget and forgive or even apologize. You are a soft hearted person and like to keep your feelings and problems to yourself