You Are What Your Grandmother Ate

  • Sep 13 , 2017

A new research opens up a new fact that the effects of poor nutrition take generations to reverse. The mothers, who have been malnourished during their pregnancies, will give birth to smaller babies. As per the study on nutrition and pregnancy, it has been found that the malnutrition effect carries on generation after generation.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine did the research and found that the malnourished mothers give birth to malnourished and smaller babies. In fact, the mothers who were malnourished in the womb might also give birth to shorter babies and the father will have shorter toddlers too.

The research also includes the males who were born from a malnourished mother. The fathers might have smaller toddlers in comparison to the normal born. The author of the study, Dr Andrew Prentice, from the same school of tropical medicine London, said that the study showed the implications of malnutrition being carried on for generations and might require several generations to overcome the anomaly. The intergenerational influence might lead to stunted growth in the newborns.

Photo Courtesy: SecretFromus

The study included a significant number of females who were pregnant and also included expecting fathers too. After carefully researching through their family history and their mother’s pregnancy conditions, the study suggested a faint link between the health condition of a grandmother and her granddaughter or grandson.

The link cannot be established due to lack of full-proof data as there are a lot of parameters to judge and eliminate. Although, the significant findings suggest that there might be a good connection of a malnourished pregnancy with the growth failure in next generations.

The doctors of the medical school researched for a long time and tried to find a possible link between the stunted growth of the newborn toddlers and the pregnancy conditions of their grandmothers. The data suggested that the mothers who suffered a malnourished stage in the womb might give birth to an underdeveloped or small baby. In the same context, a father, whose mother was malnourished during her pregnancy, can also have smaller toddlers that will not have a normal height or weight like that of the normal cases.

The study is also implicating a change in the genetic codes that might lead to such stunted growth in the newborn. In fact, the researchers also suggested that the effect can be reversed after few generations when the gene is rewritten in the normal form. Years after the malnourished phenomenon has occurred, the affected father and mother will eventually produce healthy children. But, this effect might take three or four generations to get eradicated properly. The birth of small toddlers might continue till then. Although, the study also suggested that the affected toddlers will resume their growth and become a normal adult without any physiological and mental imbalance. They will be a normal adult and will become fathers and mother too.

The study implicates that you might be the result of what your grandmother consumed during her pregnancy days. Due to lack of proper information and multiple parameters, the researchers can only suggest the anomaly but cannot fortify it as a fact.