Why It Is Not Important To Impress Your Boyfriend’s Mother

  • Nov 14 , 2017

Lucky are the ones who have someone who loves them unconditionally as life becomes easier when you have someone to share all your experiences with. Taking the relationship to a new level, i.e. marriage is extremely elating but it fetches along many problems along with it too. However, even in a normal relationship, there are some compromises that both the partners have to make. For example, when you decide to take your relationship to the next level, it is quite obvious that you tend to engage your partner’s family along. That’s where the problem initiates.

Indian relationships are quite hard to handle. Along with your partner, you have to impress your partner’s mom, dad, siblings and several others and that creates a stir.

Boys tend to impress the girl’s parents quite easily, but when it comes to girls, no matter how ethical and moralistic they are, they still need a lot of hard work to impress them.

However, a strong relationship does not require the partners to impress each other’s parents. Thus, following are a few reasons why there is no need to impress your partner’s parents, especially the mom.

Photo Courtesy: Youqueen

Her problem is not your problem: It is not your headache if your boyfriend’s mother doesn’t like you. You don’t need to underestimate yourself and let yourself down if she finds out the negativities in you. You are in a relationship with your boyfriend, not with his mom.

Her approval is not always necessary: Being a mama’s boy, a boyfriend can breakup with you if his mother doesn’t approve you as his girlfriend. But, a logical boyfriend would talk to his parents about you and tell them that he loves you and will convince them about you.

You cannot please everyone: After investing a lot of time to please you boyfriend, your job is done then and there. You don’t need to, and you cannot even please everyone. So, just stop trying and see if it happens naturally.

You can’t change her opinion: For her, you are someone who stole her son away from her. No matter what, she will always tend to stay negative towards you and you can’t change that.

Her intrusion in your relationship: Impressing her a lot can also be troublesome for you. She might intrude in your relationship and conflicts and make it worse. Closeness leads to intrusion.

Your partner values you equally: If you have decided to take your relationship to a new level, it is important to realise that your boyfriend values you and his mom equally. He handles you both equally and will resolve any conflict that rises amongst you both.

These are a few reasons why you should not worry about your boyfriend’s mom if you are in love and want to get married. But, make sure that you both are on the same page and you both have equal levels of compassion. A good boyfriend will always stand up for you if you are right.