Weird Things People Start Doing When They Turn Parents

There are many ways to communicate with each other when you share a beautiful bond with another person. They are generally the power games, without letting another person know and it is quite common to the siblings, lovers, and different haggling games between the street vendors and the customers. There is also a unique game that we follow between our kids as parents due to the knowledge and experience we have gained throughout the years. We tell our kids about various things in a different manner and especially those they get excited. This makes it weird for others.

Some of the weird things that parents do which might be weird for normal ears but parents still do it:

The most common thing that parents do with their kids is to spell out almost everything. It seems to be the easier way to make them understand as they can’t spell or speak the word easily. This is also the language that parents use with them to communicate and when they don’t want their kids to know about the conversation.

This is one of the ways that everyone remembers from my one’s childhood days about parents making fake calls. These calls are generally to the teachers or to the villain of the movie, to make us sleep at night. There are many parents who are still using the same way to scare their kids and they should behave in the required manner. Even when the kids are not studying, parents will fake the call to the teacher about the behaviour of the kid in the house.

There will be a timer on everything as parents want their kids to finish their jobs on time. It can be cleaning the room, taking bath, or even learning a new chapter. “Clean up your room”, “You only get five minutes” or “I should see your breakfast finished by the time the needle reaches six on my watch” are some of the statements we kids get to hear.

Our parents are efficient in multitasking especially in the conversations as they can continue talking to two different people at the same time. When parents have two kids, they can shout at one while loving the other kid. Their mind has been transformed to such level that everything seems to be easy especially while handling the kids.

Most of the times, parents lie to their kids with promises of ice-cream and then later say that the shop is closed, even if it is not. Your kid wants to play games on your smartphone and the answer will be its break for today, so it is not possible. The simple lies parents tell their kids, while they are still naïve enough to buy such lies. While every parent has unique parenting tricks up their sleeves, these are the most common ones.