7 Ways Of Burning More Than 60 Per Cent Fat

  • Nov 14 , 2017

There are several reasons which add to the weight of your body, but there are some simple tweaks that will help you burn more fat with every workout. These small changes in your regular exercise will not only come with muscle toning benefits but also improve the metabolism process that will burn extra calories throughout the day and even when you sleep.

Here is a list of simple changes that can help you burn 60 per cent more fat and reach your desired goals:

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Swing your arms – Most of us consider heavy workouts in order to lose extra weight from the body but by simply swinging your arms you can actually lose around 15 per cent more calories. On regular basis, you can bend your elbows 90 degrees and pump them as you stride. The simple exercise can actually help you lose extra weight from your body.

Pop in headphones – There are many gym places around the world that play the hard music in order to create the environment in sync with the workout. As per the studies, working out to your favorite tunes will help you stretch up to 20 per cent longer and burn more calories. The involvement of music not only motivates you but also removes fatigue, increases your vigor, and synchronises your overall movement of the body.

Get hard on the weights – In order to increase the calorie burn in your body, you should always consider to increase the weights and should not be dependent on the number of reps. People who uses heavier dumbbells burns around 25 per cent more calories when they finish their workouts.

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Consider consuming cold water – There are studies which prove that people who consume cold water during their workout can continue for 25 per cent longer duration compared to ones who consume warm water. If you want to extend your workout to burn more calories, start consuming cold water even while mixing your protein shakes.

Break up your sets – On regular basis, you can actually try performing a circuit instead of doing just 2 or 3 sets of a single exercise during your workout. By adding the circuit training in your workout, you will able to burn nearly twice as much calorie than any other workouts.

Head out – Most of us think that running on the treadmill can help us to be motivated before the workout and also burn the calories but heading out can add a major boost to your workout. As per the research, people who walk or run outside are able to burn 10 per cent more calories compared to the people who use treadmill.

12 minutes of cardio – Cardio is the best way to lose calories and the extra weight from your body but in order to achieve your goals; you need to perform cardio for at least 12 minutes. The time is decided by the study, as it will help to generate more fat-burning enzymes in your body.