This 10 Minute Exercise Can Get Rid Of Belly Fat

A flat stomach is the dream of every person. It is quite unpleasing to see a hanging tummy outside the dress you wear. This lowers self-confidence and makes you more conscious of yourself.

Belly fat is the most common issue faced by both men and women in the world. Feeding on the junk items, not taking the measures to prevent can make you easily gain belly fat. Getting rid of it is equally difficult and can take a lot of time. People tend to cut out their diet plans and eatery schedules and opt for exercise and fatless supplements.

Eradicating excessive cabs and fats from your diet and consuming protein-rich foods help a lot to reduce belly fat. This should also be accompanied by cardio-vascular exercises. Visiting gym on daily basis can also aid tummy problems, but it is not always necessary that you can take out time for gym.

People who cannot devote time to the gym can try this 10 minute exercise which is called ‘seated Russian twists’. This exercise reduces belly fat to a great extent in conjunction to which it also tones the abdominal muscles in order to give a flat appearance.

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How to perform this exercise?

The exercise is to be done on the floor. Use an exercise mat and lie down. Elevate your upper body and legs and ensure that only your back and buttocks touch the floor. Bend your legs at the knee. Turn your upper body to the right making sure that your arms align parallel with the floor. Repeat the process to the left. The process has to be repeated 10 times on each side. As per convenience, the repetitions can be increased. This exercise is usually performed using weights like kettlebells or water bottles. But initially weights can be dodged. With time, the weights can be increased along with the increase in the competency.

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Following are the few advantages of this exercise:

  1. Strengthens muscles of the abdomen region: Seated Russian twist is an exercise which helps you lose belly fat, along with it, it also strengthens the muscles of the entire abdomen region.
  2. Tones the tummy: Along with the abdominal muscles, it also strengthen the areas around the stomach like the rectus abdominus, internal obliques and external obliques.
  3. Improves blood flow to the heart: Seated Russian twists are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes, as they improve the blood flow to the heart. This way the exercise provides you a toned appearance which is quite desirable these days.
  4. Strengthens the back: This exercise gives relief from back pain and in addition tones your back muscles.
  5. Reduces hip fat: Sticking to this exercise can get you rid of the hip fat and tone them. Toned butts are desired by everyone, especially girls. Thus, this exercise can be used to fulfil your desire.
  6. Helps improve posture: ‘Seated Russian Twists’ helps in improving your posture and gives a more upright and straight appearance while walking.

This exercise can be taken on a regular basis and if done regularly, it can fetch amazing results in the postures, butts, abdomen and more importantly, belly fat.