Things To Check Before Taking The Biggest Step In Your Life: Marriage

  • Nov 13 , 2017

These days, marriage has become more than just a social obligation. When before one’s parents used to do all the talking and fixing, now we have the ball in our court. Hence, choosing the right life partner becomes a very important task in our lives. Even if you are in a relationship that seems stable enough to take the big leap or has lasted over many years, marriage is still a very significant decision you both have to make. You cannot just jump into it just because you have great chemistry or because you think your parents would like your partner, you have to consider a whole world of other things before settling down for good.

Marriage may be frowned upon or groaned at by today’s independent generation, but the end game is still the same whether you think of it as a primitive and restricting institution or not: it is human nature to have the affinity to spend your life with someone. However, if you would rather just prefer spending your life alone with your pets and family and friends, spending all of your hard-earned  money on yourself by travelling, eating and shopping while having non-committal relationships in between with several other people of different ethnicities, that is awesome too.

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If you are already in relationship and marriage is on your mind, plus you have already looked into the ring catalogues, then you need to consider some factors like:

Life goals: You have to make sure that you and partner have life goals that are at least compatible if not similar in nature. Ask yourself some questions like: Do you want to work after marriage? Will your partner want you to? If not, are you okay with that? Also think about how your partner will react if you are mind to change your profession after marriage. Will they support you or protest? Keep in mind that all these things should be discussed before you jump into your wedding shoes. 

Parents: In India, a marriage is not about the union of two people but rather two families. Make sure your family is comfortable with the idea of your partner as future family member and vice versa. This ensures that there are no awkward moments in future.

Compromises: Marriage in all of its pure form is about compromise. Ask yourself if you think you can make certain sacrifices of your own interests for the sake of your partner’s and if they also are willing to do the same. Think about it hard because you will be doing it on a daily basis.

Commitment: Be absolutely certain that marriage is what your partner wants as well. Look for any signs they drop about settling down before assuming it by yourself. Just because you are sure about it does not mean they are as well.

Supportiveness: If your partner is prone to criticising your decisions or initiating arguments in little matters, then you seriously don’t want to end up with them. This all will continue well into marriage and that would probably end in disaster.

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Honesty: Do not go into something as serious as marriage before opening up about all secrets you have, especially if they are serious and life impacting. However, after marriage, we all know we are allowed to keep some secrets at least.

Respect: Respect is the most essential ingredient in any relationship. It shows how serious a person is about you. If your partner does not respect you, then they probably don’t deserve that ring either.

Economic situation: Be open about your financial condition to your partner as they too will be suffering or enjoying with you, especially if they are going to be dependent on you. Also, remember it is illegal to withhold such information from your potential spouse.

Love: Above any other factor, consider if you truly love your partner or not. Don’t marry out of compulsion, obligation, liability, pressure or lust. Marry because you cannot imagine not waking up next to them for the rest of your life.