These 10 Foods Can Reduce Your Love Handles Within A Week

  • Nov 13 , 2017

There are many parts of your body where fats get accumulated in such a way that it makes you very uncomfortable to wear clothes of your choice. Sometimes, it is your belly where the fat is very high in amount and sometimes, it is your thighs. These are sometimes referred to as the “love handles”, especially in the common informal tongue.

This mainly refers to the excess fat that gets accumulated in your thighs. This not only hinders you from wearing any sort of dress of your choice, but also does it make you feel uncomfortable in your own way. So, if you wish to get rid of these love handles around your thighs, you definitely need to adopt healthier and better ways to lead your daily life.

There are some foods that will help you for sure to get rid of the excess fat near your thighs.

Below given are some foods which if taken seriously and with proper diet, will surely reduce your excess fat in a very short span of time. The interesting part is that you can even expect amazingly better results within a time span of a week.

Oats: They contain a lot of carbohydrates which help to increase the metabolic rate. And rise in your metabolic rate can help you to burn the fat content in your body faster.

Photo Courtesy: ThepioneerWoman

Quinoa: It is highly rich in protein content which helps you to fight the fat cells and thus helps to reduce your love handles in a quick and effective manner.

Sweet potato: Similar to quinoa, sweet potato is very rich in protein. This again helps to reduce fat cells in your body.

Black rice: Black rice is high in content of protein. It also contains fibre. Protein and fibre work together and trigger each other to reduce excess fat in your thighs and belly as well.

Lentils: They are rich in Vitamin B1 content and protein. This hence helps to burn fat easily and at a faster rate, thus helping you to reduce love handles.

Shredded wheat: Try to add dishes made of shredded wheat. They help to increase weight loss and excess fat reduction because of high protein content in it.

Black beans: Black beans are also highly rich in protein content which helps to shape your body properly and reduces love handles as well.

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White tea: Drinking white tea without sugar can also help reduce the fat around the hips as it contains antioxidants.

Chickpeas: They are highly rich in protein content. Protein has high capability to fight fat cells accumulated around the hips.

Chia seeds: They are rich in antioxidants and protein which help to boost your metabolic rate to which burn hip fats faster.