Texting Signs That Would Tell You About The Intentions Of Your Partner

  • Jan 12 , 2018

All of us love attention and the only difference is that some of us admit it while others do not like to admit the fact. In any case, this is not a very bad thing. Women who are working females often find that all of a sudden a certain male colleague would start taking extra interest in them. The whole affair is definitely sweet as you start getting compliments and proposals for a dinner date which goes even to the extent of getting gifts. But, the difficulty or the dilemma begins when the person starts insisting you for physical relationship. So, how do you get to know if the person really cares for you or if he is interested only in physical intimacy?

If a guy is interested in you, then…

There are some sure short and obvious words that you would definitely receive from the guy who is interested in you. Some of them are as follows:

  • The male who is interested in you would send you texts like asking you about yours likes and dislikes. This is the first sign that he is interested in you.
  • Secondly, you would surely get texts which are somewhat flirty in nature but carrying dual meaning.
  • Anybody who is seriously interested in you would at the end, undoubtedly send you texts asking you out for a date.

Photo Courtesy: Pandagossips

Now, let us presume that the two of you are dating and you wish to decide on the fact whether the guy really cares for you or he is simply interested in physical connection. So here, goes the final decision maker.

  • If the person is interested in you and cares for you, he would like to be a constant support to you. So, if you are receiving texts like “Best wishes for your interview!” or “Give your best shot!” or “Do not worry, I am there!” then, trust the person completely.
  • Again, when anybody is genuinely interested in you, then he would try to stay connected with you throughout the day. He would try to answer to almost all your calls and texts even when he is in the middle of a conversation or a meeting.
  • You are certain to get genuine compliments like “Looking elegant!” or “You have made my day!” from the male partner who would be interested in you and who cared for you.
  • However, if the person is only looking for physical intimacy, would answer to your texts only at night and that too late night.
  • He would also provoke you to text dirty.
  • If he is working with you or if you two happen to meet regularly and often, then he would hint at staying longer with obviously touching you every now and then.
  • There is however, one definite text that you would receive from someone who is physically interested in you which is “Hi sexy!”
  • You would also receive compliments for any dress you wear.

So, with these hints and tips, now, you are definitely on your guard and better equipped to differentiate between people who are genuinely interested and those who have only physical intimacy on their minds.