Serious Health Issues Can Be Caused By Doing Anal Sex

Some people are very passionate about sex and love to try new poses while making love. Some push their limits and get really wild. Anal sex is not a new thing. People have been trying this for ages. While some enjoy the act, some tell it to be the worst nightmare of their lives. Anal sex can be really safe if you perform it with care. Those who rush into it or get to harsh can face consequences. This article is dedicated to all those who like to show love the other way around.

Photo Courtesy: ViralThread

Be it the wild ones, the curious ones or the beginners. There are risks that come along anal sex:

  • Vitiation of feces – Anal sex is nasty as you come in contact with feces. Unknowingly, you pass the fecal matter to other body parts (internally or externally) which puts you at high risk of serious health issues, such as catching STDs. For protection, get cleaned before and especially after anal sex. Always wear a condom for better protection.
  • Tearing of tissues – Most of the people complaint about this after a session of anal sex. The tissues tear apart as the rectum and canal of anal are thinner than that of vagina. Above this, there is no lubrication so the motions tear the tissues apart. For protection, use lubricants and go easy. Do not rush and understand the limits of your partner.
  • Tearing of muscle – This is not a common phenomenon and happens quiet often but if you are a beginner or the wild person this can happen to you. After the anus opening there are sphincter muscles which can tear after a prolonged or harsh session of anal sex. For protection, never force yourself on your partner.
  • Cuts on the skin – Sometimes you do not feel a lot of pain but your partner can see cuts or in fact bleeding from the anus. This should be treated by a doctor as this can cause serious condition. For protection, go very slow inside, using lubricants.