Obesity Can Be A Problem For Cardiac Surgery Patients

  • Nov 13 , 2017

Obesity is considered as a disorder which occurs when excess body fat gets accumulated beneath the skin or just around the organs, thereby increasing health problems. An old adult who is overweight, may suffer from a poorly functioning body after a cardiac surgery, as recent studies suggest. Thus, risks become inevitable.

However, on the contrary, among the survivors of this surgery, few of the obese aged adults as some of the researchers have studied, are capable enough of managing their daily activities like that of walking, bathing, eating, sauntering short distances, using toilet and dressing, even with some complications. Researchers of the University of Pennsylvania have worked on the information gathered from the University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study regarding this issue to learn more about it.

What was the research?

The research included about 1731 participants as selected from the study which included twenty thousand participants having a cardiac surgery. Out of these 1731 participants, 34 per cent were overweight while the other sixty six percent was not overweight. The research comprised of a study that had for two years of intensive study.

What the researchers learnt is that out of each overweight and normal weight participants’ seventeen percent participants seemed less capable to carry out their daily work and activities within a span of two years after their cardiac surgery.

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  • 22 per cent of patients of the heart surgery who were overweight showed inability to carry out daily activities according to the study made by the researchers in the two long years.
  • The study or the research also came up with the death rates and it says that 10 per cent of the overweight patients died after the cardiac operation whereas 13 per cent of the patients who were normal weight died after the heart surgery.
  • However, the researchers have also put up the information that heart surgery survivors who are old and obese can face a high probability of spending life with many functional problems of the body within two years post surgery. It is mostly common in the aged people who are younger than eighty years of age.
  • In the case of people or patients who are of eighty years and more show more complexities regarding the relationship between the ability to carry on with the daily activities well and obesity. 

The problems of obesity have been one of the concerns in the medical world recently. There are many reasons due to which obesity results in our body. It includes overeating, psychological factors, genetics etc. But the better part is that one can easily control from getting from gaining the excess weight and prevent himself or herself from various health problems. By following a pattern that comprises of particular diet, daily exercise and a good sleep, it is possible for you can control the weight of your body.