Look Better Without Clothes With These 3 Exercises

  • Aug 10 , 2017

It might have also happened a lot of times that when you take off your clothes in front of someone or even a mirror, you get conscious about how you look naked. So let's work out towards how to look good while you're naked.

When you look at celebrities with perfectly toned bodies, you start getting motivated to get in shape yourself. Especially when your favourite actor removes his shirt and you see the perfectly built physique, you instantly wish you could have the same physique. But to achieve that perfectly sculpted body, you need to work out, and that too on a regular basis.

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There is no doubt that all types of workout will help you achieve a toned body built, but there are a few exercises that specifically work on parts of your body to make you good when you look at yourself naked in the mirror.

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Let us see the major 3 workouts for this purpose:

V Hold:- This is an exercise that works on your abs and is to be done by sitting. It is very important to follow the posture that is mentioned here else you might risk getting a sprain or cramp. First you need to sit tall while your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are bent. Then slightly lean back and raise your legs so that your calves are now parallel to the floor. Once comfortable, open up your legs to make a V with your upper body and hold that position for at least 10 seconds. Give a gap of 5-15 seconds and repeat again 3-5 times.

Lying Leg Raises:- This is another exercise that helps in developing your core strength. While this needs to done while lying down it is not very difficult. First you need to lie down on your side with your lower hand stretched straight over your head- the head can be rested on this hand. The upper hand can be used for support if required. Then you need to stretch your upper leg as further away as you can from your body without rotating your hip bone. Perform this for 10 times and turn the side to work with the other leg. You need to do at least 3 sets each side with a gap of 30-45 seconds after one set of each side.

Single Leg Press:- This workout exercise is majorly done to strengthen your glutes and your core. To perform this correctly you need to lie down straight on the floor while your hands on the floor clasped. Then fold your leg in such a way that your knees our touching your chest. Then stretch one leg back and up and bring it back towards your chest in the same motion. Repeat the same with the other leg 10 times each.