Indian Origin Pregnant Woman Denied UK Visa As Her English Was Too Good

  • Jan 09 , 2018

Alexandria Rintoul, a 22-year-old Indian origin pregnant woman had a dream like any other women to start a family with her husband. Bobby Rintoul, Alexandria’s husband is a Scotland resident who got married in the month of May 2017 with a bright future ahead.

Recently, the couple got into a trouble when Alexandria was not able to start her family in Scotland because her English was too good as per the standards of the United Kingdom. After getting married, the couple was already away from each other for three months and Alexandria wanted to go to her husband’s house for the celebration of their first Christmas.

As per BBC, her visa application got rejected because she passed the advanced international English language examination rather than the basic IELTS examination which is the required for the visa application in UK. As per them, they hired an immigration lawyer who advised them to take the higher examination rather than the basic test and it is clearly mentioned in her rejection letter that she has overqualified by clearing the examination.

During an interview with BBC, Bobby said, "It’s just money making outfit as they could have used some discretion and accepted the higher qualification."

During the whole process for applying for her visa and examination test cost the couple around 3 lakh rupees and as per the immigration authorities, they will reconsider her application if she will reapply for the basic examination which will cost them another 1.5 lakh rupees. Alexandria stated that "I’m supposed to be spending money on my baby, my house, my new family and here I am paying bills for this money sucking visa. She was refused because they aren’t satisfied I come from a country that speaks English."

Photo Courtesy: Study in Sweden blog

They wanted to celebrate the Christmas evening together in Scotland which was shattered but Bobby did the best as he has taken the last minute flight to India so that he could be with his wife on the special occasion. Both of them are saddened especially Bobby as he is not being able to be with her and to support her in difficult circumstances. The reapplication process will take another 30 days as she now has to wait whether her form will get through or not.

As of now, she is living alone with a baby in her womb in the hotels of Bangalore away from her husband and also from her family as her hometown is in Shillong. These are difficult circumstances for the couple but they are fighting with the government’s rules and regulations which need to change. As per her interview she clearly mentioned that the officials are not able to digest that she cleared the advanced examination while being from the country who speaks English.

We just want that everything get resolved and she will be able to start the new life with her husband as soon as possible in Scotland.