How Walnut Oil can improve your health

  • Feb 08 , 2018

Walnuts, scientifically known as Juglans Regia, is a nut that is brain shaped with a shade inclined towards brown and oil extracted from it is called as walnut oil. An important constituent like omega – 3 fatty acids is present in walnuts which makes it the most healthiest and beneficial nuts of all. Oil extracted from walnut is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These contents prove healthy for our skin, hair and our overall body. It is not just now, but since times ancient, that walnut oil has been used to make that hair worth the flaunting, to achieve a skin that is simply flawless and well - nourished and a body that is fit and fine.

Regular use of walnut oil benefits the user greatly and can help combat a number of diseases. Walnut oil is used during cooking, for external application, direct consumption or also over salads and vegetable dressings. But what are the amazing benefits that walnut oil facilitates us with?

Photo Courtesy: Ideafit

Let us now talk about the oil that is fully loaded with antioxidants and vitamins – walnut oil, and its health benefits:

Treatment and prevention of diseases: Walnut oil is mainly known for its ability to control the cholesterol levels in the body. Functioning of the blood vessels is enhanced by walnut oil. Also, the sugar levels in the blood are regulated and can be maintained at an average level with the regular consumption of walnut oil. You can wave almost a permanent goodbye to all your digestive problems with walnut oil. Health issues like eczema, arthritis and asthma can be treated in a natural way if you simply incorporate walnut oil in your daily routine. It is laxative, antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial in nature. Due to its antifungal property, it can be one among the best treatments against Jock’s Itch, ringworm, Candida and athlete’s foot. Cardiovascular issues like strokes and heart attacks can be kept at bay.

Walnut oil is a magic potion to somebody who’s been dealing with arthritic or muscle pain. You just have to massage all your pain out.

Strong Memory: Constituents in walnut oil make it an excellent memory enhancer as it boosts up your brain activity. You shall find walnut oil topping the list among nuts that nourish your brain health. Your memory and brain functions can be improved greatly because walnut oil delays the signs and symptoms of brain ageing by making your brain more powerful and active. As a result, you won’t forget things easily. Memory related diseases like Alzheimer’s can be treated up to a considerable extent with the continuous use of walnut oil.

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Weight Loss: Now that is something most of us have been waiting for. Walnut oil should rank first in your priority list if you strongly desire to cut down on some belly fat. It helps greatly in achieving a flat belly and hour – glass shaped body. Not incorporating this in your diet plan will be a major loss in your diet regime.