How to do the perfect push-up

Push-ups look very simple- literally so much that it is commonly concluded that almost all are aware of the manner in which it should be done. But while it is true that people do know the basic that is lower the body towards the floor by simply bending the elbows – how exactly it needs to be done so as that it can be concluded as “perfect push-ups” is what they lack. According to professionals, there are about 10 ways in which you can go ahead with making this exercise better. This is about what this particular article deals with.

Secrets to perfect push-ups

It might not be possible for all to remember the secrets to perfect push-ups without the same being jotted down somewhere. To help you remember and be sure that you are implementing the right ones, here are some of these in brief:

Fix your hands on the floor 

  • How to do it: Simply with the hands (palms) grip the floor. But make sure that you are able to rotate the palms. Also your biceps and elbows should rotate and face forward.

Keep the neck in line with the spine 

  • How to do it– Don’t look straight. Rather, you need to pick up a spot over the floor that is around 6 -10 inches from your fingers. Keep your eyes focused on that point as you go ahead with the movement.

Squeeze a paper in your armpit 

  • How to do it: Screw the hands upon the floor and you will get around 90 per cent balance in this way. This above mentioned method is one just to attain the left over 10 per cent.

Draw the shoulders back 

  • How to do it: Simply pull down your shoulders down as well as away from the ears. Lean them toward the feet. Then go ahead with engaging the back muscles by just pretending as if you are making attempts to draw the shoulder blades together to bring them in the middle.

Pull the palms to the toes

  • How to do it: Once your body is in position, try pulling your hands towards the feet by just clenching the core.

Clench the glutes: The glutes play an essential role when it is all about performing push-ups, even despite of the same seeming to be just an upper body workout. Clenching the glutes will keep away stress from your lower back thus reducing the risk of any injury.

  • How to do it: Get into the push-up position making sure that your glutes fully relaxed. Now simply squeeze the glute muscle very hard to feel the hips rotating into place. Do make sure to remove stress from the spine.

Pull the feet together

  • How to do it: Do ensure that your feet are fully touching. This need to be followed by pressing them together in a way pretending as if you are trying to break a nut in between the ankles i.e. bring the ankles very close to each other . You feet need to relax stress from the muscles.

Inhale down and exhale up

  • How to do it: As you bend towards the floor, take in a deep breath. As you are doing the push up, exhale air as much as possible.

Pull your chest to the floor

  • How to do it: Get in a solid push-up stature and as you go ahead lowering your body, do focus upon using the upper back and lats for controlling your downward moves.

Lift your body as a single solid unit

  • How to do it: Avoid letting any muscles at the bottom of your body relaxed when doing push-ups. Keep all the muscles tight and do imagine yourself to be a solid table that you are lifting up.

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