Get Ready To Argue Regularly With Your In-laws If You Have Kids

According to a new study which was conducted by the Academy of Finland shows that couples with kids are more likely to have conflicts with their in-laws as compared to the ones who are childless. There is a generation gap between you as a couple as compared to your own parents and in-laws which becomes the main reason of conflicts.

Researchers used the survey data of over 1,200 respondents and found out that the couples with children most likely to have conflicts with their own parents and in-laws. This is also dependent on how close your family members are and how you are emotionally connected with each other.

Photo Courtesy :Petrellilaw

Most of the in-laws follow the rules of kin-ship which are a blood relation with your grandchild and that is the reason why they are more attached to their grandchild. The attachment with the grandchild causes the dispute in the mutual understanding of the parents with their in-laws. There is a sense of relief when you are living with your in-laws as it gives the sense of childcare but the same feeling can be the main reason for conflicts.

There is a high percentage of conflicts between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law when it comes to the childcare as they both believe that they are doing their best for taking care of the child. Most of the times, they have different opinions about the same thing which becomes the reason for the conflict. Parents who are childless have more authorities over certain things and can have the mutual understanding with their in-laws and own parents. This gives the sense of relief as most of the times; you will have a mutual understanding with most of your family members. The study was published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science.