Foods That Are Healthy And Can Be Consumed Raw

  • Feb 08 , 2018

Inclusion of a raw food diet in your weight loss program is highly significant. A raw food diet consists of all the veggies and even fruits that are unprocessed and uncooked so that you can get the best of them without any additives. As a result, natural gives you zero unhealthy fats, only the essential fat and lots of energy. The process of cooking causes the burning up of important vitamins and minerals from the food. On the other hand, cooked and processed food is easy to digest and does not involve a whole lot of digestive processes from the body. So the body works less and has to go through a less strenuous activity.

When you consume raw, your body parts have to struggle in the process of digestion. Meanwhile, you also get the essential vitamins and minerals and are more inclined towards weight loss. Now that we know the importance of consuming raw foods, let us get a detailed account on what foods should be consumed.

Photo Courtesy: Nutritionadvance

They are as follows:

Olive oil: A lot of people consider using olive oil for regular cooking. However, it is a lesser known fact that olive oil is extremely advantageous when it is consumed raw. It consists of vitamins and antioxidants that benefit your health greatly. Cooking olive oil can diminish all of its benefits making it useless.

Berries: Berries are a major source of nutritional benefits and it is best advised to eat them raw. But, if you heat up berries, you are simply lowering their nutritional value. All you can do to get the best of them is add them to your yoghurt or munch some of them as an evening snack.

Nuts: Nuts when heated lose all of their nutritional value. When you consume them raw, you get all the stored magnesium and iron are in quantities of tons. When you heat nuts, the calorie content in the body increases drastically and the magnesium and iron levels go invariably down. Make a choice now, raw or cooked?

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Onions: Onions consist of cancer-fighting compounds and are known to be stuffed with sulphur compounds. When you consume raw onion rings with your daily food, you are keeping cancer cells at bay. This prevents you from prostate cancer and lung cancer. It is advisable to add onions to your daily lunch or dinner.

Red bell pepper: A raw bell pepper is known to consist of a lot of vitamin C and about 32 calories. When you cook or simply boil it, the calorie content reduces significantly. You get the desired taste but at the cost of some loss of nutritional value. To make the best out of red bell peppers, grill them slightly or simply consume them with some hummus.