Follow These 6 Tips On Your Blind Date And Get The Boy Of Your Dreams

Love is blind. Really? Well, if your first blind date turns to be the best, love for you shall definitely be blind. Not all of us admit it, but love nurtures our existence. True, in times like that of today, loving and being loyal, writing letters or simply waiting for the right one to come in your life is all old-school. But those were beautiful times. And these can be brought in again in collaboration with the present times.

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However, since you are here, let us now traverse through the dos and don’ts of a blind date.

Photo Courtesy : Huffingtonpost

The to-do-list:

  1. Investigate: Make it sure whether that person you are going on a blind date with, is interesting or not, more like are you interested in him or no? A relationship where there is nothing in common and nothing to talk about, simply doesn’t work out quite well. So, talk over the phone. Get suggestions from your close mates. Screen through the first impression you had over that person when you both first spoke on the phone. And most importantly, trust your instincts.
  2. Honesty is the best policy: This is complicated. If you are out there just to impress that person and have a good time around, you might not cling on to honesty. The latter is valid only if both of you agree on it. If you are serious about this, be honest. You don’t have to fake it because if the opposite serious person comes to know about it, you’ll be losing it all,
  3. Be safe and smart: You don’t know who and how is the opposite person. And you definitely know nothing about his intentions. For a date out, choose more of a casual or a public place. With this, you shall safe and secure and feel comfortable as well.

The not-to-do list:

  1. Know right for yourself: Know what to say and what to keep for later. This is a try. An initiative from your side to not depend on destiny, although it is the main player, but to make efforts from your side. In the very first meeting, don’t reveal too much about yourself. Just the normal details. Stay reserved, at least for the first time. This is part of a check list that is considered by many. As times improve, you can eventually open up, depending on how comfortable you really are.
  2. Appear nice and genuine: Being genuine is something which is not seen every day. Be that. Stay what you are. Don’t try to be extra smart and show off or a bossy kind of material. Situations won’t go well then.

Keep your home away: Just over your first meeting, don’t arrange it at your home or your date’s home. You know nothing of him and his life so being patient is the right thing to do.