Do you know how water-based exercises are beneficial for your body?

  • Aug 12 , 2017

Water-based exercises are not new to the market. They have been around since a long time, and are likely to stay. In fact, they are widely regarded as popular fitness fads, as per experts. People who are suffering from knee and joint problems as well as slipped disc problems can participate in these exercises. Even beginners get metabolic benefits from these exercises.

While exercising in water, gravity does not force the body weight down towards the joints. It also helps in losing weight in a simple manner.

Some facts about water-based exercises

  • Three times more calories are burnt here than in land exercises
  • More than 800 calories can be lost in an hour, according to one’s weight, metabolism and other factor
  • Working out in water is good since almost 70 per cent of the body is composed of it
  • Increasing the intensity of your workout in water is easy.
  • Lungs workout also takes place, since water pressure makes them work harder in comparison to land
  • Muscle strength and endurance are enhanced greatly due to water’s innate resistance

Warm-ups are very important

Working out in water is certainly beneficial for the body, but it does not mean that warm-ups can be done away with. As per experts, exercises like marching under water and walking are great for the body. Even wearing aqua shoes can be beneficial. Another option is to complete the warm-up on land, through activities like jogging, brisk walking, rope skipping, etc.

Exercising with infants in the water

Pull and kick under water with your infant. Make sure that you are holding the baby comfortably all the time and there is proper skin-to-skin contact. Not only does it help the infant gain confidence to swim in water, but it also develops a strong bond. Slowly you can teach him or her to move limbs independently. Additionally, an infant will always learn swimming much faster than an adult.

Photo Courtesy: Watch Fit

Water aerobics

Aerobics within water has a number of benefits, since here the resistance experienced is much more than air. Walking in water always needs more effort than walking on land, and it is for this reason that water always burns greater number of calories. The physical and mental health of an individual is greatly improved through water aerobics.

It is the environment within water which helps the body let go of stress. Due to minimum impact on joints and muscles, the body is strengthened and weight decreases gradually. And the best part? You never sweat inside water.

Important points to consider

Swimming pools do contain a lot of chlorine, which can sometimes be harmful. It is said that chlorine can lead to cancer, miscarriages, birth defects and others. When chlorine reacts with organic materials like skin, leaves, hair and urine, more harmful compounds called Disinfection By-products (DBPs) are formed. 

However, all this does not mean you have to completely avoid a pool with chlorine. Staying in it for a while will determine your condition easily. As an alternative, you can have ozone systems for the water.

Ensure that a friend or a lifeguard is always around when you are in the water. Even expert swimmers can suffer from bouts of dizziness at times. Cramps or fainting can also take place if one is not careful.