Do You Have A ‘Perfect’ Breast Shape?

With the advent of stringent fashion trends and women and men putting more and more pressure on self-indulgence, one finds it a fairly difficult task to maintain an appealing physique. Women have to deal with a large set of bodily concerns to look good, the primary of them being the perfect breast shape. The plastic breast implant industry is a massive industry and helps countless women achieve their appealing look and structure.

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Researchers from the United Kingdom have research material for which they conducted a survey and interviewed more than 1300 men and women, all of the varied background to register the ‘perfect’ female breasts proportions.

Usually, people have come up by saying that they prefer breasts of a natural shape and structure, preferably with no artificial enhancements, such as silicon injection for a more curved structure.

The breast size is fundamentally most appealing when there is a 45:55 ratio. In this ratio, the size of the breast should be 45 per cent above the nipple and 55 per cent below the nipple.

The other structures include Teardrop Shape. The teardrop shape is similar to the 45:55 ratio. It is claimed to be more natural and is said to be an ideal structure for women. This is usually set as the new standard for women to get their breasts shaped although some say that it may not be defined as the new standard for breast shaping.

Few 'bra things' one gets wrong in their lives

We think that wearing a bra at all times may help one keep their breasts from sagging. Wearing them securely over your back and tying it to the last hook may keep it firm, straight and perky. These are common misconceptions one needs to get over.

Some also believe that wearing a bra might harm the body's natural support to a pair of breasts, causing them to sag over time. But, this is a misconception. Unlike other parts of the body, breasts do not have muscles and cannot be trained to be "stronger" over time. They just consist of fat, skin and a whole bunch of ligaments. So one need not worry that they might sag over time.

Drooping occurs only due to gravity, or during pregnancy and childbirth. It has nothing to do with wearing a bra. Also, it is very natural and healthy to let loose your pair at night to allow some fresh air.