8 Combinations of Foods That Can Kill You When Consumed

  • Feb 10 , 2018

We keep on hearing about food poisoning and wrong combinations of food that make our bowel movement irregular and can even fall us sick. There are many foods that don’t get along well. They may be extremely beneficial when eaten otherwise; however on combined state, they can cause trouble. In this article, we talk about 8 such deadly combinations that you should stay away from.

Burgers and Fries : We love to eat burgers and fries whenever we go out for a family dinner or friends’ get-together. We just can’t resist the combination. Due to the high content of trans-fat in burgers and fries, consumption of these two items together can make you feel heavy and sleepy. Blood cholesterol level also shoots with an increase in your blood sugar level.

Photo Courtesy: Nrn

Pizza and Soda : Our favourite food and drink whenever we go out are pizza and soda. They are a great combination when tasted but the effect of these two items can be extremely difficult to survive. The digestion process gets slower eventually making you feel lethargic. You tend to bloat easily when you eat pizza and combine soda with it.

Muffins and Juice : Whenever we think of muffins, we always want to have a good juice along. This combination is seen mostly on breakfast table. The two ingredients that you need the most that are protein and fibre are replaced by excessive carbohydrates. This is another combination that spikes your blood sugar level.

Juice and Cereal : Most of us start the day with big bowl of cereal and our favorite fruit juice. Yes, they do taste great together; however, the combination does no good to your stomach. You tend to develop heaviness throughout the day and a sense of discomfort that doesn’t easily get away.

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Banana and Milk : Do you love banana shake? If yes, it is time you stop having it. Banana is rich in potassium while milk is in enzyme. Both the elements react to make the digestion process difficult. With heaviness developing as the day passes by, you tend to lack the mindfulness at work or any creative activity.

Desserts and Meat : Well, it is a ritual in most of the communities to finish their protein meal with desserts. Gastric problem is quite prone to occur when this combination is consumed. Avoid it and lead a healthier life. An upset stomach never lets you give your hundred percent in any task.

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Sweet fruits and acidic fruits : When sweet combines with something acidic in nature, the process of fermentation starts! This can be one of the biggest causes of stomach problem. Nausea, fatigue etc. are some of the problems that can happen when you combine sweetness with acid.

Eggs and Bacons : With the world in love with bacon and egg, no one can say no to the combination. Very few know that the combination can cause immense trouble to your stomach. The result is lethargic feeling throughout the day. Additionally, the stomach won’t digest protein and fat that easily.

Next time, you try these combinations, you might want to have a look at this piece and think twice