Boost Your Skin’s Collagen To Look Young Always

  • Nov 13 , 2017

Skin being the most sensitive part of the body must be taken care of regularly. It is important to know what is good for a skin what suits the skin and what must be done in order to keep the skin healthier. Collagen, the protein is one of the essential elements that must be in one’s skin as the right amount of its presence prevents the skin from getting lifeless and dull.

However, on the sad part, the collagen amount in skin gets reduced with time. It is probably one of the reasons why skin gets rough and dull as if loosing elasticity when we get old. But there are ways by which one can hold his or her younger looking skin and save it from becoming lifeless. There are innumerable home remedies that you can apply to get a glowing skin.

Photo Courtesy: DailyHealthPost

So there are some easy-to-prepare face masks that can be applied to the face are:

Mixture of grape seed oil and olive oil- A few drops of oil from grape seed combined with olive oil, a teaspoon of it and apply the mixture on your neck and face and keep it as it is in order to dry it for fifteen minutes. Wash your face with water afterward. Repeat it on daily basis to get a fresh glowing skin.

Mixture of carrot juice and guava- You need to chop off a ripe guava into pieces and put it in a blender to make a paste out of it. After this paste is prepared a teaspoon of carrot juice is what you need to mix up with the guava blend. The mixture then is ready to be applied to your face. After fifteen minutes wash your face off. Applying this once in a month can really be helpful.  

Lemon juice and egg white- In order to make this mixture first make a paste out of the egg white and mix it up with the lemon juice. Apply the fine resulting material evenly on your face and keep it for twenty minutes. Afterward, wash it off with cold water. Application of this remedy once a week can really be fruitful.

Honey and avocado- Mashing a ripe avocado before mixing it up with honey is needed to be done thoroughly. The concoction that you get mixing the two must be spread all over the face, after which a twenty minutes rest is needed. To wash it off one needs to prepare lukewarm water. This is very helpful as it increases collagen.

Tomato pulp and rice flour- a teaspoon of rice flour along with the pulp of a tomato are the ingredients for making this mixture. Tepid water is essential to cleanse off this mask from your face after twenty minutes. Applying this twice a week is advisable. 

There are many other remedies which you can apply, like the mixture of milk cream and ripe banana, kiwi pulp and castor oil, curd and peach, sugar and pineapple, mango and almond oil etc. It is better to apply these natural home remedies rather than using anti- ageing creams.