Best Home Remedies to Treat Dry Cough

  • Feb 09 , 2018

Cough is a very common problem. Dry cough is usually caused by a virus or infection and does not include any phlegm or mucus. Cough is also a simulative response against anything that gets stuck in your air pipe but a cough that constantly reoccurs is something that can bother you. It should be treated as soon as possible, before the condition advances. Dry cough is usually characterised by a stingy or a ticklish feeling at the back of your throat. There are two types of dry cough – acute and chronic.

A constantly occurring, stubborn dry cough can be a sign for health issues like tuberculosis, pneumonia, sinusitis, asthma and others. When you suffer from a dry cough that usually ruins your throat, you experience fatigue, irritability and an immunity that is transforming weak. A weakened immune system is a potent threat to your body as it can invite and play host to a number of infections and viruses.

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If you are suffering from dry cough, you need to get into your kitchen right away and pick up some remedies to repair that throat. Yes, most of these remedies are right in your kitchen. They are as follows:

Turmeric Milk: This natural home remedy that has managed to live in the Indian tradition since ages. Turmeric milk is the stereotypical ‘nuskha’ of your grandmother, an ultimate destination for almost all health issues. Even here, turmeric milk proves extremely beneficial for dry cough. Turmeric consists of a constituent known as curcumin that is well known for its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Infections that lead to dry cough and a sore throat can be treated using turmeric.

 All you have to do is warm up some milk and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it. Stir it well. Adding honey or not is your individual choice. It works excellently both ways.

Black Pepper: Black pepper goes well with all delicacies. Did you know that it works best against dry cough? It is known to have a heating quality that repairs your throat and helps it get rid of the ticklish and stingy sensation.

: Mix a half teaspoon of black pepper in a cup full of ghee. Then, consume this mixture on a full stomach for quick results.

Ginger: The perfect match with tea is here. Ginger is not just a condiment that adds flavour to your tea but an effective medicine for your sore throat and dry cough too. Ginger is associated with a pungent taste that has the ability to treat your throat spontaneously. It has anti-inflammatory properties and thus gives you instant relief.

: Crush some pieces of ginger and add them to your tea. You can also directly chew some ginger pieces at regular intervals.

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Lemon: Lemons and all citrus fruits are known best for Vitamin C. The vitamin C present in lemons kills all bacteria and infections that cause the coughing. Lemons have anti-inflammatory properties which gives you relief from an irritating throat.

Method: Mix two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of lemon water. Store it in your favourite mason jar and sip it up multiple times throughout the day.