6 Best Home Remedies For Frequent Nightfall

  • Sep 13 , 2017

Who does not like to dream of something good at night? Yes! We all feel the pleasure but sometimes the ecstasy knows no limit and cause a phenomenon in both the genders called as nightfall. This is also called as wet dreams where a person experiences excitation during sleeping. It is natural when occurs at an irregular interval but when the frequency is higher, it can be a sign of psychological disorders.

During the adolescent period, individuals have encountered this problem at least once. The genital discharge after an erotic dream is quite common. The individual suffers involuntary ejaculation at night. The frequency of such occurrences should not be regular. It should be met with proper remedies.

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Home remedies for wet dreams or nightfall are as follows:

Fenugreek and honey: Brew a fresh cup of tea without milk and add a tablespoon of fenugreek powder and a tablespoon of honey before drinking. Let the decoction settle down for a while. Sip it when it is lukewarm regularly to get rid of nightfall.

Bottle gourd: If the cases are frequent then a good home remedy is to consume a freshly prepared juice of bottle gourd. Prepare a fresh juice of bottle gourd with a blender after removing the older seeds. Try to drink it every night before you go to bed. The juice will help you to deal with your gastric problems and fight insomnia. A person can also get immense help to bust stress with the aid of freshly prepared bottle gourd juice. Eventually, the cases will reduce to none.

Garlic: Garlic is not only used to drive evil spirits but also to instill taste in your food. Jokes apart, garlic can be a very good measure to treat nightfall. Start adding the cloves of garlic in food preparations. The biochemical ingredient present in garlic that is Allicin will promote proper blood flow to the penis and will aid in reducing the occurrence of nightfall.

Almond milk: Milk is always a good choice to induce deep sleep and stop the mind from traversing the stressful zones. Experts also recommend using almonds with warm milk. Soak almonds in normal water for a whole night. Use a blender to make a uniform paste. Before hitting the bed, prepare lukewarm milk and mix a tablespoon of the almond paste. Drink it every night and enjoy the deep sedation method to get rid of the pesky dreams.

Curd: It is often said that the occurrence of nocturnal emission might happen due to overheated body or acidity. The curd is a natural remedy that keeps your gastrointestinal system calm and cool. It is a kind of probiotic food that can be consumed in a larger amount with anything. It is recommended to eat a tablespoon before going to bed.

Cold bath: As mentioned earlier, when the body gets overheated, the chances of nightfall increase. This is why the experts recommend taking a cold bath before going to bed. Take a bath half an hour before to bust stress, cool down your mind and body. Initiate a restful sleep and forget nightfall.