Benefits Of Calamine Lotion You Are Unaware of

Calamine lotion is widely used. Found in almost every cabinet, they can work as a beauty product as well as a medical cream. Calamine lotions have anti-allergic and antiseptic properties which soothes skin from allergies and inflammation. Available with different brand names in different places, most popular in India is available by the name Lacto Calamine sold by Piramal Healthcare.

Some of the benefits are mention below:

  • Makes you fairer –Lacto Calamine have an ingredient called kaolin which develops radiant skin. Daily application of Lacto Calamine Lotion keeps the skin moisturised and begins to improve the colour of skin.
  • Lighten dark spots – Lacto calamine Lotion helps in dark spot reduction. Applying it after every time you wash your face helps with vanishing dark spots and minimising pigmentation. It works as a protective layer are keeps your skin protected from any further spotting.

Photo Courtesy: MakeupAndBeauty

  • Reduces acne – Lacto Calamine can diminish the appearance of acne on your face. Firstly it prevents acne and secondly if you see a small bump then you need not to worry as constant application of calamine lotion will work on them. If you have a fully grown pimple use Lacto Calamine Aloe Moisturiser. It is especially for acnes. You can also apply medicated calamine lotion on acnes.
  • Works as a sunscreen – Lacto Calamine can very well protect you from harsh UVA/UVB rays. It work as a shield on your skin as it has got SPF 30 PA++ and Vitamin E nutrients. Not just your face, it can be applied to your whole body. In case you forget to apply and suffer a tan or sun burn then Lacto Calamine can work on that too.
  • Makes you look younger – We all have to age and we can’t help it but who doesn’t love to look younger than their age? Lacto calamine increases the elasticity of collagen and helps you fight ageing.
  • Heals skin rash – If you are the one who get skin rashes easily, keep Lacto Calamine in your bag always. It’s cooling property and oil controlling ability works efficiently on normal skin rashes as well as eczema. It even works on the itchiness pregnant women suffer on their abdomen during pregnancy.
  • Keeps skin hydrated – If you think that Calamine Lotions are a summer thing then you are wrong. Those who suffer through extreme dryness in winters or maybe in summers as well should always apply calamine lotion. It keeps your skin hydrated by blocking the moisture.