Avoid These 4 Foods During Periods And Stay Away From Bloating

  • Feb 08 , 2018

Periods give you a dozen mood swings, endless cravings and uncomfortable and sleepless nights. Fortunately and like every time, women have found ways or at least the will and strength to tolerate all of the ‘period’ drama. Feeling uncomfortable while sitting, standing or lying down in your favourite position continuously can be fine up to an extent. But bloating, is a whole new story!

Good news, the cramps cannot vanish but the intensity can fall down and the bloating cannot stop but begin to subside if you consume nutrient – dense food items. There is no denying in this that periods make you rush towards the melting chocolate lave cake or a cheese burst pizza with extra loaded cheese, but hold on, you’ve got to pause and think about your body. Your body needs to compensate up for the blood it is uncontrollably losing. You can hog on the cheese and the chocolate but not exactly at this time of the month.

Photo Courtesy: Frenchtoday

Given below is a list of food items that you should preferably not eat while you are chumming. They are as follows:

Processed foods: The craving is undeniable but you have to stop. Bloating is a common problem every woman faces while she is on her periods. During this time, if you consume processed food items, the water retention in your stomach shall increase and aggravate the problem of bloating further. The puffiness might rise too. To keep these problems minimum, make sure you control yourself and not gorge on to processed foodstuffs.

Red meat: Red meat consists of saturated fats that are least healthy for your body, especially when you are high on periods. Consumption of red meat only adds on to the worst that cramps, acne and bloating cause. If at all, the knocking from the inside about consuming meat doesn’t seem to stop, you can consume leaner meats like chicken breasts, oily fish or skinless meat.

Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol is not advisable during periods or even when you are not going through them. But if you are an occasional party animal, then you have cage up that animal in you for these days. You are absolutely wrong if you feel that your body is craving for alcohol and that you should feed it with the same. Your period symptoms can take a wrong turn if you drink. This could take the symptoms to a whole new level.

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Fatty foods: Everything that adds heat to your body should be avoided during periods. This accounts for fatty foods as well. Fatty foods shall make you feel greasy, leading to cramps and influencing the hormonal imbalance. Your mood swings can swing up to an alarming rate of you consume chips and fries.