6 Signs That Your Partner Is Looking For New A Encounter

There are always ups and downs in a relationship but if you feel something is missing in your love life with your partner, then you don’t need to just go and spy on that person. If your spouse is not acting normal most of the times, then look for some signals, whether he or she is looking for another relationship outside your marriage. In the starting phase, your spouse will do things beyond expectations and may be even start to lie about many things.

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There must be some signals on which you can count on and according to Gleeden.com, which is a dating website and application only available for married people, there are signals that can actually help you to understand and to react in a certain way. Some of the signs are:

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As per the website, you will notice sudden changes in your spouse as he or she will start taking more care of you and changes his or her haircut. The change will not be limited to the haircut as it can be a perfume, clothes and will be more active in sports to get back in the shape.

There will be more activity on the social media with virtual friends which is one of the most important signs to notice as there will be a lot of new friends and most of the name, you have never heard of. It can be the same time which your spouse uses to spend with you and now it is all on the social media talking with new friends.

In the initial phase of your marriage there will be a lot of intimate moments but now there will be quite a fewer moments to remember as your spouse will be less affectionate toward you. There will also be less demands and a drastic change in the number of hugs and kisses. As your spouse will be less attracted towards you, you will not be able to spend precious time again.

Your partner will never leave his phone unattended. There will not be a single place in the house where your spouse will not carry his phone and it will always be in the silent mode so that you will not get to know about the notifications.

It is quite normal to call your spouse in a day to know about the well-being and of course in the case of emergency but it will become difficult for you to reach your spouse even at day time. Your call will always be on the voicemail or there will be an explanation if your spouse misses your call.

As it is a series of changes, at times your partner will be very sweet and attentive and in a minute, he will start shouting at you and even become aggressive. This generally happens when you partner is dealing with the guilt of having an extra affair and he can’t control his emotions. This is the sign that can help you to understand the real state of your spouse.