5 Easy Yoga Poses You Can Do While Standing Or Sitting

  • Jan 11 , 2018

Yoga consists different asans that focuses on common areas like, strengthening muscles, making the body flexible and most importantly reliving the stress. It’s just that each asana emphasises on different body parts.

Here are some simple yoga posses which you can easily perform by standing and sitting. The best part is that you can perform these asans anywhere and anytime. Before learning these asans, you may go through the benefits of these yoga posses:

a. No past experience is required to perform them. You can try yourselves and beginners can find themselves easy while adapting in these asans.

b. Balance is no more the concern. So there is less risk of attaining any muscle injury.

c. It enhances the sitting stamina of a person.

d. As stated above, it reduces stress as well as anxiety to a greater extent.

e. You don’t have to search for a large space. You can performs these asans in a small room easily.

1. Padmasana

Photo Courtesy: Ayurveda and Yoga

Popularly known as lotus pose. It is a cross legged asana which helps in reducing stress and anxiety by soothing or calming the mind and all the physical ailments of the body.

a. be seated on the floor with mat present on it.

b. Stretch the legs in front of you and slowly fold one leg on the other thigh and same for the other.

c. Make sure your head and spine is straight and in the same angle.

d. Start taking long breaths, control it for few seconds and release it slowly.

Practice this asana daily for 15- 20 minutes. It is also good for pregnant ladies during their childbirth. To remove menstrual pain, this asana is best.

2. Shishuasana

Photo Courtesy: IDYAZ

You may have heard this pose of child pose instead of shishuasana. Is somebody is suffering from constipation or kind of nervous system break down, this asana is solution for them.

a. Sit on your heels in a way that your hips lie on your legs.

b. Stretch your hands and put it in front of you and press your body with your legs gently.

c. After 10-15 seconds, release your body and come to your original pose. Relax your muscles and after 5 seconds perform the same.

Please note that if you are suffering from any serious knee injury, then avoid this pose. Also, this pose is strictly not for pregnant ladies.

3. Janu Shirasna

Photo Courtesy: Nature Homeopathy

One legged forward bend might be easier to pronounce for you all. People looking out for asans which could tone their shoulders and making the spine comfortable, have reached to the right pose.

a. Sit on the ground and stretch the legs in front of you. Then fold one of the legs to the other thigh.

b. Gently bend yourself to the other knee which is still straight in front of you. Try to touch the toe of that leg with your hands. Also try to touch your head to the knee. Breathe in while bending.

c. After bending, slowly bend forward and release your breath. 

d. Perform the same for the other side.

4. Ardha Matsyendrasna

Photo Courtesy: YouTube

You can call this asana as sitting half spinal twist.

a. Sit on the ground with both your legs stretched forward. Fold your left leg and place it below the right hip.

b. Then place your right leg in front of your left knee. Then slowly place your left hand on the right knee and right hand on the back.

c.  Twist your waist to the right in such a position that you are seeing your right shoulder.

d. Hold on to the position and start taking long and gentle breaths. Hold on till 20- 30 seconds.

e. Perform the same for the other side as well.

This asana is helpful in increasing the elasticity of your spine as well as increasing the supply of oxygen to the chest.

5. Baddhakon asana

Photo Courtesy: imgaram

Due to the movement of legs similar to the wings of butterfly, it is known as butterfly pose. It is known to be easiest of all the yoga posses which requires your straight back. This pose helps in stretching thighs, knees; improves the flexibility of the body and removes fatigue from the body.

a. Firstly sit straight with your spinal cord straight. Then try to bring your feet close to your pelvis such that the soles of your feet join each other.

b. Hold on to your feet tightly with your hands and start flapping your thighs. Increase the intensity of flapping as much as you can. Stop after some time, preferably after one minute. Take 15 seconds break.

c. Start the exercise again and do it for 5 minutes daily. While flapping, make sure your feet are still.

d. Lastly, straighten your legs and relax. You will feel stretch on the inner thighs initially or lately in the exercise.

It is considered good for the pregnant ladies until later in the months. For the ladies looking for discomfort while their menstruation can practice this asana to remove it.

So, these were 5 yoga asana which can simply be performed anytime and anywhere. These will not only make you physically fir but mentally healthy also.