10 Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Every woman who is pregnant fears that hormonal changes might cause havoc to their entire beautiful self. This feeling is quite normal. And so normal is the fact that hormones do change and it is for good as majority of the pregnant women has experienced beautiful glow on their skins. The entire nine months can be made a healthy phase of life.

Simple beauty tips for pregnant women

Acne – Often in pregnancy women face acne bouts. If anyone is prone to acne in general, it can increase when pregnant. Anti-blemish products can be used to treat acne. However it is extremely crucial to take doctor’s advice as during pregnancy certain chemicals must be avoided.

Dry skin-Sometimes women find their skin getting too dry during pregnancy. A lot of fluid intake and moisturising the skin regularly will help solve this skin problem. One can also opt for body oils to moisturise the whole body.

Moisturise-For a skin which will glow a regular moisturising is a must.

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Stress management-As much as possible stress must be avoided. One must learn to manage stress as it is not just harmful for the mother’s skin but also for the baby. Stress usually shows on the skin very fast through breakouts.

Sleep-While people sleep the body repairs itself. Hence sleep must be complete and enough for pregnant women.

Glow-Pregnancy brings along a natural glow on the skin. Additionally one can use boiled milk. With a cotton use boiled milk all over the face and neck areas. The skin will not just get hydrated but also reduce tan and help glow the skin.

Scrub- To remove dead skins it is important to scrub it. Honey and corn flour paste together if applied on the skin it helps remove dead skins and helps bring a glow to the skin.

Cleanse-Do not forget to keep the skin clean by following a daily cleansing process. For women who have oily skin dirt gets accumulated on the pores of the skin. If not cleaned properly it can lead to blemishes and pimples.Tone-The skin needs to be toned every once in a while. Tiredness is something every pregnant woman feels almost daily. Putting slices of cucumbers on the eyes and resting for half an hour will help all the tiredness go away. Instantly a cooling effect can be realised.

Hair care- Hair fall is a natural phenomenon for pregnant women. The changes in the hormones occurring during pregnancy like the skin it do affect hair as well. It is better to go for a new shorter hair look and do a makeover if needed. It will help preserve the hair. A regular oiling treatment will also help.

Perform all regular skin care or hair care regimen you used to follow before being pregnant. Stick by the above tips and experience how beautiful you become even in pregnancy period.