Your Child Can Increase The Lifespan Of Their Grandparents. Know How…

Grandparents share a special bond with their grandkids. They are really fond of them and love to adore them. Bonding with the young ones make them feel lively. Often the elderlies begin to recall their childhood and embrace happiness that their bundle of joy brings but the culture of nuclear family makes it hard for both the parties to stay connected. The bond between the two is very important as it can help both of them in the long run.

Staying physically active – Spending time with grandkids can keep elderlies physically active. Not only by playing with them and taking them out for walks but also by cooking for them and with them. This not only brings back the light into the abundant lives but also fills them with joy. Kids reportedly are said to be more active and productive with their grandparents.

Keeps depression at bay – By sharing stories and looking at old pictures as they recall good old memories, elderlies feel happier with the young ones and do not feel depressed at all. On the other hand, according to a study, kids are more comfortable in sharing their stuff with their grandparents. This will always have them speak their hearts out.

Photo Courtesy: Sulekha

Learning traditions – Where grandparents love to pass on their tradition into their kids, the young ones can teach them the new traditions as well. This will keep the kids grounded by knowing their roots and also the elderlies can stay updated with the new trends.

Lesson of wisdom – No one can teach the lesson of wisdom better than the grandparents. Their advices are the best as they have seen more world than any of us. Whenever the kids find it hard to find solution of a problem, trouble in social connections or unable to figure out meaning of life, grandparents can show them the light with their own experiences.

Decreased risk of heart and brain related diseases – Interacting with kids keeps elderlies occupied and works as a challenge in their life. This eventually keeps their mind and body relaxed and refreshed. They feel less stressed which is good for their heart and brain. Studies say, interacting with kids can keep elderlies healthier.