4 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Grandparents Independent

  • Sep 13 , 2017

Ageing brings a lot of mental and physical issues which makes our seniors dependent on us. Being a senior is not at all easy. It brings along many challenges in every day life. The task that our elderlies could perform easily earlier can become tough with each passing day. We eventually get concerned for them and try to restrict them which should not happen. Yes! We should let our seniors free. Independence plays a vital role on the seniors’ health. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of making our elder adults independent.

Photo Courtesy: ShutterStock

  • Keeps depression at bay – Who wants to loose independence in life? Imagine yourself trapped in a certain area, not performing much task whole day. Sounds horrible right? This is exactly what seniors at our place go through. This eventually makes them depressed and is often an onset of several mental illnesses. Let them remain independent and accomplish the task they can without your assistance. This will keep their mood happy and stress free.
  • Keeps them active – If you will tell your seniors that they should do more rest rather than living their life as per their routine will make them fall physically ill. They need to stay active by doing anything they feel like. So, let them do the daily chores which they can without your help. This will maintain their posture, keep their muscles strengthen, a good flow of blood and proper breathing.
  • Protects memory loss – Staying physically active and mentally occupied can boost brain health. Independence will let them take their decisions on their own which directly affects their memory. No only this preserves memory but also keeps them protected from issues like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Adds a purpose to their life – Dependency takes away the wish to live long whereas independence adds purpose to living. They have got things to achieve and social life to maintain. This gives them a reason to look forward every day despite of the health issues them may be facing. In fact, science has proven that maintaining good social life reduces the risk of falling ill.