Help Seniors Boost Their Self-Esteem With These Simple Tips

  • Sep 12 , 2017

One should always try hard to boost the self-esteem of seniors. This can totally change the environment of the house. One happy member can make everyone happy. But this is not as easy as it sounds. With age, a person loses his ability to perform daily tasks as s/he used to do earlier. S/he might be anxious about his sagging skin, shaky hands and habit of forgetting stuff. This is a challenge in itself, as in such scenario it’s hard to keep someone’s self-esteem boosted. Anyway, it has to be done as their self-esteem is directly linked to their physical and mental well-being.

Photo Courtesy: NewRetirement

  1. Talk to them – Talking your heart out with someone is something every individual on this planet loves to do. This is very important for our mental peace and as keeps our heart light. Elders have a lot of stuff stored in their hearts. So, it becomes our responsibility to indulge in a conversation with them and know what is on their minds. If they don’t talk much, start topics like latest news, family affairs or anything relevant.
  2. Take them on a vacation – Taking them on a vacation will not only make them feel good but it will confirm them that they are still on your priority list and that are not a burden. This sense of feeling really boosts the moral of any senior, bringing life back to them.
  3. Arrange meetings for them – Be it a family meeting or a fun time with their friends, arrange such little occasions for them. The more they socialise, the more their self-esteem will elevate. Also, connect them to senior care groups. These groups are in trend and people can share their life experiences and make new friends.
  4. Make them a techy – Technology is taking over almost every aspect of our lives. The seniors should not feel left out. Teach them how to use smartphone, computer, etc. this will keep them busy and lift up their self-esteem with the feeling of walking along the new generation.
  5. Give them freedom – Do not hold them, set them free. Let them do what they wish to. If you keep them grounded because of the fear that the do not start to hover, it will kill the child in them and put them low on self-esteem.