Shocking Medical State: Doctors In India See Patients For Barely 2 Minutes

  • Nov 10 , 2017

Medical science has taken humans to another level. There are loads of new inventions happening in and around the world. Every day new medicines and breakthroughs are found out by the scientists. This makes the life expectancy ratio to increase from the current stage. But still we see many people suffering from general diseases and not being attended by the doctors to the satisfaction. This is seen majorly in India. The medical field has become a money-making industry and almost all the doctors are just not ready to give enough time to make the patients feel satisfied with the diagnosis.

Why are the doctors so busy?

People in white coats are all in the race to make as much money as possible. The amount of time they take to check a patient is barely 2 minutes. In these two minutes, they not only check the patient but even prescribe the most expensive medicines. If a person who is not from a well to do background and cannot afford the medicines then there is no other option but to live with the disease.

Photo Courtesy: Liveclinic

There are so many medicines that are available with the same ingredients and cheap enough for all of us to use. But the pharmaceutical companies get in touch with the doctors and ask to prescribe medicines produced by them and this makes these medicine costs higher.

When you look at the first world countries, the average consultation time is around 20 minutes which helps the patient to keep all the thoughts and issues in front of the doctor which is not possible any part of India. This is worse in countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh which takes an average of 48 seconds to 1.3 minutes. The average consulting time for doctors is around 5 minutes maximum which is very less.

The doctors in India are so busy in filling up their pockets that they have forgotten the gift they possess. They no more care about the patients and their wellbeing but only try to cash in on any situation. It is the loss of patients who do not have any more avenues but to live with whatever thrown to them. In some cases, the doctors are also not to be blamed as there is a long queue of patients waiting to seek diagnosis. This can also be the reason for such a small consultation time by the doctors in India.