Relationships May Suffer Due To Too Much Age Difference: Study

Married life is completely different from being single as there will be someone always there with you with whom you can share, love, and get attached both physically and emotionally. Most of the couples share the same age group or maybe a difference of a few years as they can understand and can share the same thought process. According to a recent study, couples with large age difference are less likely to be satisfied with their marriage.

The research was conducted on thousands of Australian couples in which it was concluded that couple with almost same age groups is more into sync for most of the decision makings. These couples seemed to be more satisfied as they share the same thought process to have children, how and where to spend the money which makes them more compatible for the long run in life.

Photo courtesy :HindustanTimes

Even if they are into some crisis or urgent requirements for making tough decisions, this couple seem to be well equipped to fight with any of the problems. On the contrary, husbands who have married younger wives seem to be happier as compared to others. According to the co-author of the study, Dr Terra Mckinnish says that the findings from the research are ‘not as surprising’.

Whenever there is a couple with too much age difference, they both might want different things which can impact their decision and most of the times, the decision gets wrong as they don’t have a mutual understanding. There is also a difference in the maturity levels as one of the couples will have more experience which might lead to arguments and fights. Still, it is all about the happy balance in the married life as both needs to know how to compromise and learn from each other.

Another finding that surprised the researchers that women who are married to older husbands are more deeply unsatisfied compared to the ones who are married to the younger husbands. It has been concluded that both men and women involved in the research want younger spouse as the marriage life of those couples with less age difference is more successful compared to others.

It is all about how well you can compromise on certain things and how you understand each other in a married life. People often have a different point of view and couples of the same age; most of the times come up with the same suggestions.