Private Sector: A Big Blowback To The Medical Industry

  • Dec 26 , 2017

The medical field has been a great support system in a human’s life. It helps people come out of many situations which are otherwise death defying. You may need to visit many doctors and specialists who cure your diseases in an apt manner and make you go that extra mile. But how do you know if the medicines that are given to you are of the right nature and are not burning a hole in your pocket. Well, we all know that any medical attention would need a good amount of money along with the right treatment.

Medical industry

The medical industry works in a set pattern where the production of medicines takes place keeping in mind many important things such as the ingredients. All the chemical formulae and its reactions good or bad should be considered. If you do not understand them then the medicines would not solve the purpose and when the doctors recommend them it would be of no use. There are many ways where you can look at the cost aspect and reduce the rates of medicines.

The medical industry is not government owned. However, there are a few companies that are run by the government for the improvisation of the people. These companies sell medicines at a low cost making the medicines affordable to the lower class. It is majorly used in the government run hospitals and NGOs.

But to look at the other side of the medical industry, there are many private hospitals which are considered hygienic and more effective. This is the reason most of the people, rich or poor go to such hospitals. When you look at the fees of the consultation of such doctors, it would make you feel cheated as the rates are too high. But when you look at the results it would make you feel worth every penny. However, there are many NGOs that work for the betterment of the nation and offer you different medicines with the same ingredients and at a very reasonable rate. This is breaking the market for the private sectors.

Photo Courtesy: Deccanchronicle

Customers approach

It has been a trend not to question much about the medicines used in the treatment and consume them as mentioned. Keeping this in mind the private sector is on a blowback in the medical industry. They are trying to regain the confidence that is lost on the way medicines are bought from the market. The doctors are being approached for such a damage control as they can make the customers gain the confidence in the medicines produced by the private sector companies.

However, if the customer asks for an alternative which is cheaper, the doctors should inform the rightful thing so that it becomes easy for them to get the treatment at the right price. But is this followed religiously? Well, the answer is still not clear as not may are clear on such an information. This could be lack of knowledge or more monetary benefit which is not good for the customers.