Men want to support spouses pursuing their career, says Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony conducted a survey called “Guys are ok, are girls?” to counter a few myths about the type of girl a guy would not mind to have as their soul mate. A total of 1000 responses were received on the survey by the online matchmaking website which had 10 different “Are you okay?” questions including questions like “Are you okay to share the daily chores?” and “Are you ok with someone older than you?”

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Some points that were observed by this survey are:

  • 90 per cent people who participated told that men would support the girl for her career. Out of this 90 per cent, 45 per cent were women.
  • 90 per cent people who responded, told they are okay with the girl being older as age has nothing to do with one’s nature and maturity.
  • Most of the guys responded positively for treating their in-laws as equal to their parents.
  • Most guys suggested towards the fact that the looks of a girl wouldn't matter if she's good by her nature, is honest and mature enough.
  • 38 per cent girls and a total of 95 per cent participants said that they would be ok with the girl supporting her parents financially after marriage.
  • A total of 70 per cent people, including 30 per cent girls felt that guys would be comfortable being compared to the girls’ father as it would be a sign of trust, while 25 per cent girls suggested otherwise.
  • All the men who took up the survey opted for helping out in the household chores so that the work doesn't become a stress source for the girl.
  • 70 per cent men agreed to support the idea of women individuality after marriage while 30 per cent men disagreed.
  • Almost 90 per cent people, out of which 36 per cent we're girls said that the guy would cook a meal for them if they came home late from work.
  • Almost 80 per cent respondents, including 30 per cent girls suggested that the guy wouldn't mind going shopping with the girl while at times selecting the correct outfit as well.

Kaushik Tiwary, head of marketing at Bharat Matrimony said that they always have strived to understand the audience better. They've also tried to destroy myths and have an insight into a guy’s requirement in a girl.