Guys Not Able To Satisfy Their Women Should Follow This Diet To Save Their Sex Life

It is very common for men to experience erectile dysfunction once in their sexual life. There are various reasons that can cause impotency with the leading reasons ranging from anxiety to depression as well as high blood pressure.

A new study has revealed that the diet of a boy has a huge effect on their performance in bed. Scientists from the University of California-Irvine have suggested that boys that follow a Mediterranean diet are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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These scientists carried out 28 different studies to find a link between the food that one eats and its effects on erectile dysfunction. Evidence was found to suggest that the performance of a guy at night in the bed will highly depend on what he eats throughout the day.

“Erectile dysfunction appears to lessen in men adhering to the Mediterranean diet,” said the authors of the study, published in Sexual Medicine Reviews.

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Most improvement in the erectile function and testosterone level is shown in overweight and obese guys who have reduced their weight by following a low fat and low calorie diet. France, Italy, Spain and Greece are some of the countries situated by the Mediterranean as neighbours. The eating pattern of these countries combined is known as the Mediterranean diet.

Olive oil is most used in this diet along with fresh fruits and vegetables supplemented by nuts. Red meat and sweet treats along with poultry, eggs and cheese is used very sceptically in this diet.

Scientific studies have shown that the diet reduces occurrences of heart attack and stroke, which means it is beneficial for heart disease. According to research, this diet is more effective in the long run when compared to drugs and medicines prescribed by doctors. Since boosting heart efficiency is a direct help to erectile function, this diet is extremely efficient. Impotency is also caused because the blood vessels in the penis narrow down.

If the heart activity increases, eating habits get better, there is a high chance of erectile function improvement. It was found in the researches that western diet depletes the semen quality which later on result in male infertility. This means laying off the junk food could help boost a man's sperm and help couples become pregnant.

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It was suggested that if humans do not understand that bad diet, smoking and obesity is causing the sperm quality to deplete, humans might soon become extinct.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind while following the Mediterranean diet:

8 simple swaps to help you go Mediterranean:

Make a few simple changes to your diet, to revolutionise it into a Mediterranean feast. Follow these simple food swaps:

  1. From refined to whole – Consume almost 7-10 portions of the fruits and vegetables a day and shift to whole grain versions of bread, rice and pasta.

  2. Ditch the biceps – All of us love to have biscuits while on the go. But it is suggested to opt for nuts as a healthier options.

  3. Say no to butter – While eating bread and butter, opt for olive oil instead of butter and a little of balsamic vinegar if required.

  4. Spice up your meals – Instead of using salt to enhance the flavour of your dish, use herbs and spices.

  5. Ration the red meat – Exclude processed meat and limit the quantity of the red meat. Even if you have to consume red meat, stick to lean form and not larger than a small box.

  6. Something fishy – Try consuming fish at least twice a week. But keep in mind not to eat it fresh and stick to barbecue or grilling.

  7. Go low-fat – Any dairy product that you need to consume, opt for a low fat alternative for it.

  8. Raise a glass – Wine is allowed in the diet with a restriction of one glass a day unless suggested otherwise by your doctor.