India Carrying Weight Of Anaemia, Obesity and Malnutrition: Global Nutrition Report 2017

  • Nov 08 , 2017

Today, India is one of the fastest growing countries with its economy getting enlarged with every passing year. From a country growing at such a rapid pace anomalies in its sustainable development goals and nutrition action plans will prove to be an obstruction in long-term if not given proper attention in time.

The report presented at Milan has given urgent warning to India to bring the required changes in its plans if it actually wishes to accomplish its Sustainable Development Goals agenda by 2030. According to the data revealed, India is facing menace where more than half of the women at their age of reproduction are under-nourished and anaemic. 

The Global Nutrition Report can also be called as a report card of the world’s nutrition country by country and makes required efforts to improve it too. It uses parameters established by the World Health Assembly. The World health Organisation is its Global Nutrition partner.

Photo Courtesy: Scroll

This year the report has studies over 140 countries and has found that almost every country suffers from serious health issues. Three important malnutrition forms of malnutrition:

  • Childhood stunting: Children have been found to have shorter heights than expected at their age. This happens due to lack of nutrients and the capacity of brain gets damaged.
  • Anaemia in women at reproductive age: It is a major issue which will not only affect the women but will also cause serious health issues to the child she’ll borne.
  • Obesity in adult women: Being overweight causes major health issues and according to some studies overweight people become more vulnerable to cases of cardiac arrest.

The study has found that approximately 88 per cent of the 140 countries assessed are suffering from two or three of the above mentioned form of malnutrition.

The world today can’t afford to neglect these results as it puts human development of on halt – a concern expressed by Corinna Hawkes. The Global Nutrition report calls for nutrition to be treated as the core of efforts being applied to end poverty, fight diseases and raise the standard of education.

The report found that the countries are needed to maintain better data on nutrition as many countries fail to maintain the required data so that the nutrition targets they signed up to can be tracked and treated accordingly.

The Global Nutrition Report 2017 concluded by saying that the five core areas for development in which nutrition can contribute are sustainable food production, infrastructure, health systems, equity and inclusion and peace and stability.

Clearly the time has come for us in India to take our eating habits seriously. We need to take care of what we are eating on a regular basis. Fruits and vegetables should be available easily and not subjected to hoarding.