You Might Be Feeding All Wrong Foods To Your Baby

  • Nov 11 , 2017

If you are a parent, it is quite obvious that you would worry about your child’s diet. Children below the age of 5-6 are really fussy and selective eaters. Their hands go on the junk food more often than on the healthier food. Kids usually focus on the taste buds and avoid the healthier aspect of food. Parents tend to fulfill all the demands of their kids but they really care about what their kid is eating, and is it healthy or not. Here are few food items which should not be fed to the kids.

Honey: Honey is the food component which is a source of natural sugar. Natural sugar is quite healthier than the normal sugar. But in infants, it can generate food poisoning namely botulism. Hence, it is really advisable to get rid of honey from your baby’s diet. Pureed fruits can be added instead to make your child’s diet sweet. Honey can also be replaced well by apple sauce or mashed bananas.

Photo Courtesy: StyleCraze

Sweets: Sweets are the best way to spread love to everyone, especially children. Toffees and chocolates are often offered by the parents and relatives to make their child happy. Having chocolates and sweets occasionally is harmless but having them on a frequent basis can cause teeth problems and you don’t want your child’s new teeth to rot. It is time to switch to toys and clothes to make your child happy and pull away from toffees and chocolates. Feed your baby milk products instead to maintain the sugar level.

Cereals: Toddlers are usually introduced to breakfast cereals. Cereals are often a great source of sugar and are not good for baby’s health. In conjunction with sugar, they also contain salts. Plain cereals with low levels of sugar can be healthy for kids. South Indian dishes like dosa, upma and poha can also be healthy options, along with satisfying their taste buds.

Ready-made meals: Ready-made meals are really convenient at certain times whenever you are in a hurry, as they save food preparation time. Looking towards the positive side, people tend to overlook the unhealthy aspect of ready-made meals. Salt content and artificial preservatives are quite high in the ready-made meals. Though they are a good solution to time shortage and procrastination problems, they should totally be dodged from being fed to children and toddlers. 

Fish: For the adults, fish is a great source of nutrition but it can have equally adverse effects on the health of children. There are few specific fishes that you need to keep your babies and kids away from, like Marlin, shark and sword fishes. They have high mercury high levels and are proven a potential source of health hazards. These fishes can be replaced by the oily fishes with minimum mercury levels like sardines and salmon. These healthy fishes are a great source of fatty acids that make your baby healthier.

Babies have less immunity and fall prey to diseases and health hazards really quick. Since, prevention is better than cure, it is always advisable to avoid feeding your child the food items having high levels of sugar, salt or mercury. Let us ensure that all our babies and kids are healthy and give rise to a new, younger and healthier generation.