Some Silent Signs Of Gum Disease You Should Never Ignore

  • Jan 11 , 2018

Cavities or other gum abnormalities if left untreated for a longer period of time can decay your teeth and can also cause many health problems. Generally, cavities or other gum problems occur when we don’t brush our teeth regularly or we don’t floss for enough number of times in a day. There are also chances that you can develop these problems if you consume a diet which is rich in sugar, artificial preservatives, and other food dyes on regular basis as it increases the risk of developing cavities.

As per doctors, there are two types of common gum problems which are known as periodontitis and gingivitis whereas periodontitis is referred to the infection in the gum and gingivitis is the inflammation in the gums. Both these conditions are caused due to poor oral hygiene and also due to the heredity.

Most of the times, we usually ignore the pain in our gums but there are some silent signs of gum diseases that you should never ignore as they can result in different types of health problems.

The most common sign or symptom of gum disease whether it is periodontitis or gingivitis is the pain and swollen gums. Due to this inflammation, the person will not be able to chew hard food and is generally because of the pus which is formed due to the infection in the gums. The same infection will also prevent the healthy flow of blood in that particular area which can lead to other serious problems.

Both the teeth condition also cause other symptoms which can be the redness of the gums as in the initial stage of the symptom the person will not feel any pain in that area making them ignore the symptom. With time, the infection increases which causes severe pain and inflammation in the mouth.

Photo Courtesy:James Peterson, DDS

The third symptom is the softness or spongy feeling of your gums which is directly linked with both the gum diseases. The situation generally happens when the infection in the gums draws water from the mouth making them soft and spongy in nature.

It is quite normal to bleed during the process of brushing or flossing which generally happens due to the new brush or losing concentration during flossing. The problem starts when your gum starts to bleed every time you brush your teeth or even without touching them. This can be the symptom that you are suffering from any one of the gum disease.

Another symptom in the list is bad breath that remains even after brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue or even after using the expensive mouth wash. This is sign that you are suffering from any one of the gum problems and it happens when the bacteria causing gum problem mixes with the food particles.

The next symptom of the gum disease is the secretion of the pus from the gums after applying pressure on them. This generally happens when your gums are already swollen and the water type fluid comes out from your gums with or without the blood. This is the result of the gum disease either due to gingivitis or periodontitis.

Sudden feeling of bad taste in your mouth is another symptom of gum disease as it happens when the pus present in your gums get mixed with the saliva in your mouth, you will experience a bad taste like you have eaten foul food.

The gum disease also causes your teeth look bigger or longer in size which is generally due to the reason that your gums are receding but not because of your teeth are growing in size. Both the gum diseases will cause your gums to erode and recede with time and one day if you feel that your teeth are appearing big in size that might be because of the gum disease in your mouth.

Our teeth are like our other body parts that require nutrition to maintain their own health and to be stronger. Generally, we start to lose our teeth with the growing age but if you are losing them prematurely, then it is due to the fact that you might be suffering from any one of the gum diseases.