4 Reasons Why Some Women Enter Menopause Late

  • Sep 13 , 2017

Every woman in her life time experiences menopause. Menopause is that stage of life where here menstruation cycle stops. Normally women enter menopause between the ages of 45 to 50 but many women experience this stage after the age of 55. A lot of researches have been done to know the reasons of the same and after years of researching, experts have come to the conclusion that there can be few heath issues which might cause the late arrival of menopause.

Photo Courtesy: DoctorMurray

  • Thyroid – We all know that thyroid is responsible for keeping our metabolism regulated but we don’t know is a conked out thyroid can directly affect the reproductive system of woman and menopause is one of the thing that can be affected. Kaput thyroid secrets the hormones which delays the arrival of menopause. Late arrival of menopause can be really irritating for a woman and this is the reason women are always recommended to keep good care of their thyroid gland. An addition of antioxidants and elimination of processed food can do wonders. Excess of alcohol and tobacco should be avoided.
  • Obesity – Obesity causes late arrival of menopause as being over-weight stretches your menstrual cycle and you produce more estrogen and progesterone which delays the menopause. To stay out of the risk, stay physically active and eat healthy once you cross the age of 30. Maintain a healthy weight and do not let yourself gain a lot.
  • High estrogen level – Estrogen are the hormones which are responsible sexual growth and reproductive health of a woman. Usually, aging reduces the production of estrogen hormone in body but sometimes body doesn’t stop producing it and this can be one of the reason of late arrival of menopause. In such case a perfect need in diet is required. We would recommend you to see your doctor for the same.
  • Genetics – A lot of women enter menopause late and genes can be a reason. For instance, if your mother entered menopause late you are at a high risk of entering menopause late and same can happen with your daughter, says scientists.