People Who Harms Themselves Might Want To Share Something And You Should Listen

  • Nov 13 , 2017

Self-harm is not a trend people blindly follow because it’s cool. It’s a cry for help that goes unheard. It is one thing to watch people in pain. So, imagine how it feels when you cause pain to yourself. The answer might shock you for the people who self-harm do not consider it painful enough. Do you know why? The people who self-harm reach a point of suffering when causing more pain seems to be the only option to cope.

Self-harm is widely misunderstood. People tend to ignore issues like depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, self-harm, etc. However, these are the situations in which a human being requires the maximum support. Self-harm is a proven coping mechanism mostly common in young adults. If you self-harm, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re weak. It simply means that you need immediate counseling and support.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Understand why people choose to do it

Self-harm is not some phase a person is going through, and no, they won’t just get over it. It is not an entertainment and it sure isn’t sick. How about you stop the judging and start listening already?

  • It isn’t some cheap tricks to become the center of attraction. No, people don’t do it so that they are everything society talks about. People who self-harm are, in fact, secretive and believe in suffering in silence.
  • Some people do want to talk about their problems. These people incline towards harming themselves when nobody listens to what they have to say.
  • It is not just a few cuts on your skin. They harm in any way possible.
  • Self-harm is not just coping with depression. It is a situation way beyond depression and anxiety. It is a result of several mental disorders such as abuse, anxiety, frustration, trauma, and a lot more.
  • Not everyone who self-harm is trying to commit suicide. Some of them just want to cause more pain to forget the various sufferings.
  • Self-harming can give you the satisfaction, nothing else can offer. Therefore, people tend to do it as an addiction.
  • Teenagers are not the only ones who do it. It is not just another trend the young generation follows. It is a serious issue and adults engage in it too.
  • Sometimes people can’t resist the urge of self-harm after a certain period.
  • Do not mock the people who do it. Never joke about it in front of that person or behind his back.
  • People who self-harm sometimes want you to just listen. It is fine if you can’t suggest a solution right away. Sometimes just listening helps.
  • Sometimes self-harm does not indicate any mental trouble. It very rarely is a source of excitement and a mere habit.
  • They do not like to be asked about their scars.

The last thing people who self-harm need is you criticising them for their actions. It is okay if you cannot help. But try and be human about the situation. Never call them names and make them feel even worse than they already do. Pay attention to the cry for help. Everyone has a different way of expressing it. Talk it out with them and learn the root of the problems. Help them or at the very least, support them. Your actions may change or save a life, you never know.