Know All about White-Coat Hypertension

  • Sep 13 , 2017

White coat hypertension, also commonly known as white coat syndrome is a phenomenon in which a person possesses higher blood pressure in a clinical environment than in normal conditions. This sort of fear is seen based on some past experience in the hospital. It is most commonly seen in small children but can also be found in many adults.

To determine the phenomenon of white coat hypertension, the person’s blood pressure for the whole day is recorded and is used to compare with the blood pressure under clinical settings. If the blood pressure varies by a good margin, the person is supposed to be affected with white coat hypertension. The exact contrast of this phenomenon is called masked hypertension in which a person’s normal day blood pressure is above the blood pressure in the clinical environment.

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How to deal with the syndrome?

The treatment of the above syndrome is difficult as it is not something that can be totally cured with the help of medicine. Symptoms can be reduced by having home like environment while treating the patient. This will make the patient feel like his home and will help to maintain his blood pressure to normal. The normal blood pressure of such a person can also be noted by taking a person to an office or such similar establishment where the patient might not get the feeling of a clinic and after giving him some time to calm his nerves. White coat hypertension is not specific to any age group and can exhibit in anyone.

Another way of measuring the blood pressure of such individuals is by using the home blood pressure monitoring device. With the use of it, the person’s blood pressure can be measured anytime at his home. Due to this, the popularity of this device has grown a lot in recent years. It is also cheaper to monitor the blood pressure using this device than by other means. Monitoring the breathing pattern of an individual is another method which is proposed to identify the white coat hypertension amongst individuals.

The treatment for such a syndrome is difficult as a little increase in the blood pressure in clinics and offices is not harmful to the body but if a person is prescribed medicine for it, there might be an adverse effect. Hence it is recommended to minimise the phenomenon by taking necessary precautions rather than taking medication for it.

There is a belief that the white body hypertension should not be treated by using antihypertensive therapy as it may lead to hypotension which is a difficult condition. Due to hypotension, the person may show some signs of vascular changes, which might sometimes even lead to vascular arrest or eventually developing into hypertension. Hence, instead of taking medication for such syndrome, it is recommended to stay calm in every situation and avoid having elevated blood pressure.