Dangerous Impacts Of Unhealthy Snacks On Kids

  • Jan 08 , 2018

We can’t deny the fact that children love to snack on unhealthy food more than healthy food. Give them fruits, juice and oatmeal, they will repel. On the other hand, if you give them something from a fast food corner and sweet snacks, they will hog on to them. That is not healthy at all. If we talk about the figures, children in the age group of 4 to 10 eat 120 cakes and loaves and bread in a year. If we have to simplify it per day, primary school students can eat three to four snacks filled with sugar every day. Taking this into consideration, children consume approximately 51 per cent sugar every year. You will be shocked to see the calories in snacks and outside foods.

Calorie count in snacks

  • One ice-cream contains 175 calories
  • Chips and crisps contain 190 calories
  • A bar of chocolate contains 200 calories
  • A pastry contains 270 calories

None of the above items or consumables has calories less than 100. It is important that a child consumes calories not more than 100.

Photo Courtesy: WondersList

Sugar consumption not only impacts the health of an adult but also that of a child. Of course, children can also suffer from diabetes and obesity. There are other diseases too that a child can suffer from and cause trouble to parents and the children themselves.

Other problems associated with high sugar consumption are:

Croup and acid reflux

Have you seen a child go to bed hale and hearty but they start coughing vigorously late at night waking up everyone around. This happens when milk and sugar intake was more than usual and the time to digest this combination takes times. Hence, kids show these symptoms.

Immunity loss

Kids are highly energetic and active. They can make anyone get energetic at the same time. What if they show poor immunity? Yes, this can happen when they are consuming more sugar in their diet. They can become lethargic, get obese and even fall sick quite frequently.

Poor diet

Not only will a child suffer from weakened immunity but will also be reluctant to eating properly. Without having a proper diet, a child can have lack of nutrients in the body and eventually have low metabolism. Poor diet results in various other problems like low in energy, less brain functioning etc.

Allergies and cough and cold

Common cold and cough are quite common but when your child falls sick frequently, you should check if your child is eating too much sugary snacks and food. If that is so, you need to cut down on the sugar intake and make him or her lead a healthier life.

How to change the habit in a child?

It is not an easy task to make children change their eating habits. There are ways that you can incorporate so that your child gets used to consuming less sugar.

  • Tell your child tales and stories in which sugar consumption is prohibited. Children follow stories and when they are inspired by a story, they start following it
  • Educate them on the negative impacts of sugar intake
  • Show them pictures of children with cavity. This will horrify them
  • Start preparing cookies for them at home
  • Don’t say no but back your no with a reason that he or she agrees to

What is your next course of action if your child is eating too much sugar?