Consumption Of Alcohol Can Cause 7 Types Of Cancer

  • Nov 10 , 2017

Having alcohol is a debatable topic as there are more negatives associated with it as compared to the positives. But if you are responsible enough then alcohol can help you stay healthy. However, there is no point of discussing the positives now as we would focus on more serious problems faced by alcohol consumption. This would be the 7 types of cancer that are caused by drinking, be it casual or regular. It has a risk associated with esophageal, liver, breast cancer, mouth, or colorectal diseases.

Photo Courtesy: EndocrinologyNetwork

Some more information

It has been found that the more alcohol you drink, the more prone you get to these 7 types of cancer. It does not matter if you drink occasionally or is a moderate drinker; it would trigger the above-mentioned risks and may account to more than five per cent of the overall cancer patients and deaths in the world.

There are many groups that keep on spreading the awareness of drinking alcohol and one of them is the American Society of Clinical Oncology also abbreviated as ASCO. They have not taken the opportunity to address the community about the side-effects of dinking but now they have been active in making people understand the risks of malignant tumors and their reduction ways. They do not ask people to abstain from it but reduce the consumption as per the temperature around.

Photo Courtesy: MedicalNewsToday

The recommendations are that women should drink not more than one drink a day or eight in a week while men two drinks a day and 14 in a week on an average. But this report seems to be not convincing as the data from American firms suggests that people drink way more than these limits. The ASCO team suggested that the above-mentioned risks are a part of the drinking habits but the other ones such as stomach or pancreatic cancers are also caused due to frequent drinking. It is not a specific type of beverage that causes cancer and should be stopped with immediate effect. It is prevalent in all kinds of beverages that contain alcohol.

Our body is different from each other and every act causes some or the other effect on it which cannot be substantiated. This makes every drink a step taken further towards the risk of these cancers. Our body contains many kinds of cells which convert into cancer cells due to our foolishness. So, stay healthy and lead a healthy life.