Angelina Jolie And Anupam Kher Revealed They Had Bell’s Palsy

Angelina Jolie, a renowned Hollywood actress recently confronted that she has been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy earlier this year. Bell’s palsy is a condition in which the muscles of one side of your face becomes weak or sometimes paralysed. It only affects one side of the face which makes it droop or become stiff from one side. There are many people with an unusual smile and has a large fan following for it, but actually, they are suffering from the condition, that have made their smile that way and Angelina Jolie is one of them.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, she claimed to be suffering from hypertension and Bell’s Palsy after she and her husband Brat Pitt parted ways. It had been a tough situation for her that came up with different health concerns and in order to treat her paralysed face, she had to go through acupuncture for months.

Angelina isn’t the only celebrity who suffered from the one side paralysis as there is a list of them consisting George Clooney, Pierce Bronson, and Katie Holmes. Sylvester Stallone, famous for his role in ‘Rocky’ and his slurry accent was actually born with the condition and struggled in the initial years of his career. Later he adapted with his different accent and became famous with the same voice. Bollywood actor Anupam Kher also suffered from the same condition when she was shooting for the movie ‘Hum Apke Hain Kaun’.

Photo Courtesy : Davinciplastic

It is believed by the doctors that the condition is caused by some kind of trauma to the seventh cranial nerve. In medical condition, it is also known as facial nerve. It is not limited to some groups as it can happen to anyone and especially to people who have diabetes or recovering from any viral infection. The paralysis is temporary and can be treated with the medications and acupuncture.

There are some symptoms of the condition but can vary from one person to another:

  • The person will not able to close his eyelid or blink it due to the stiffness in the muscles
  • The eyes will produce more or less water than usual
  • The face will drool from one side
  • There will be difficulty in chewing the food
  • Decreased sense of taste
  • There will be pain or numbness behind their hair

There are generally two types of Bell’s palsy depending on the severity of the condition. In mild cases, there is no need for the treatment as the person will have the condition for a few weeks and it will disappear automatically. Another one is a severe condition in which the person needs to go through a treatment that involves steroids, antiviral medication, acupuncture, and physical therapy. If you are feeling any weakness in your facial muscles and are not able to perform basic functions, get it diagnosed by the doctor. As it might be the Bell’s palsy.