7 Amazing Tips to Live Healthy and Cancer-Free For Life

  • Feb 05 , 2018

Every year, cancer awareness camps are being organised to make people sensitive towards the word ‘Cancer’. It is a disease that when attacks can leave not just you but your family devastated. Why face this situation ever when you can lead a healthy lifestyle and say ‘No to Cancer’? Continue reading to know the seven best ways of healthy lifestyle that can make your life cancer-free.

Tips#1 (Healthy diet) : This goes without saying “what you eat shows on your health”. You should be strict with what you eat and what you should not. First of all, include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet regularly. Avoid red meat and stick to white meat, fish and beans. Ensure that you keep unhealthy and bad fat away from you which are available in stored food and packaged food. The usual refine oil can be ditched for olive oil for better working of your digestive system. You should include RDA multivitamin with folate in it.

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Tip#2 (Exercise) : While you eat, you need to have a way of balancing the body weight too. That can be done by regular exercise. It can be hitting the gym or joining yoga classes. Whatever it is, try to work-out regularly so that you are on top of the game of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tip#4 (Stress-free life) : Stress is one of the causes that can lead you to be a cancer patient. Don’t let any situation stress you out. You need to start living your life in the moment and learn to forget and forgive. Never think a lot about something that is not healthy for your health or mind. Stay away from negative people and negative thoughts.

Tip#5 (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) : We have often heard of this term STD. It is an anecdote for sexually transmitted disease. If you have several sexual partners and avoid protection during sexual intercourse, there is a chance you get infected with HPV or human papillomavirus. The best way is to avoid sex without protection. Be loyal to your partner than moving around and inducing the probability of cancer in you. Even when with your partner, make sure that you carry your condom always. Don’t always be dependent on your partner.

Tip#3 (Quit Smoking now) : Smoking is a habit that very few people find it difficult to quit. With cancer awareness spreading in every part of the world, people are growing more inclined towards quitting cigarette. Every year, 1000 Americans are quitting smoking. It is true that you will have to attempt five to six times before finally quitting. You just can’t lose hope. It is one of the most infectious factors leading to cancer in men.

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Tip#6 (Drink Healthy) : Keep your alcohol consumption to moderation if you have to drink. It is advisable not to drink. Ensure that other than this fluid, you include more healthy drinks to you diet. It can be juice, smoothies, shake etc. Don’t add artificial sweetener. Let the fruit’s sweetness add to the taste. Green tea is considered one of the best of all. It not only keeps a check on your weight but also improves your metabolism.

Tip#7 (Regular Tests) : Last but not the least is getting your body tested for cancer regularly. Once a year is appropriate for every individual so that it is never too late! Prevention is better than cure and that applies even in case of Cancer.

Always stay healthy, lead an active lifestyle and avoid negative influences to stay away from the word Cancer that has killed so many people and there is no end to it unless we take the step.