9 Signs And Symptoms of Dehydration

  • Feb 05 , 2018

Remember those interesting Biology lessons and that one astonishing moment that said that our bodies comprise of 60 per cent of water. As kids, it felt as if our bodies were these liquid bags, right? But, these liquid bags need refilling time to time. What happens when you do not refill them? Well, your body goes into dehydration that can give rise to another set of health issues.

How will you know that you are dehydrated? What are the signs and symptoms that indicated dehydration so that you can focus on drinking water? To know everything about these signs, read below.

Given below is a detailed account of nine signs and symptoms that show you are dehydrated. They are as follows:

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Bad breath: Now that is one embarrassing sign or symptom of dehydration. In recent times, have you found yourself getting mints from your colleagues and friends? Have you noticed your associates withdrawing their face from you while talking? And have you smelled this awkward and bad smell when you cup your hands on your mouth and blow some air? If yes, then you have a bad breath problem. And if there is a bad breath problem, one reason is that you are dehydrated. This is because when your body receives less water, it produces less saliva. Due to this, the mouth becomes dry and produces bad odour.

Muscle pain: Muscle pain, also known as cramps that usually occur in the stomach. Usually, cramps or pain in the muscles is associated with some strenuous physical activity, diabetes, obesity, arthritis or injuries. But if you are perfectly fine and muscle pain continues to occur, then it is dehydration. Muscles become dry and stiff when they do not get enough water. This ultimately leads to muscle stiffening and cramps.

A lot of sugar cravings: This condition arises all of a sudden and is quite unusual for you even when you are not much fond of sweets. This means you are extremely dehydrated. It becomes difficult for the body to break down the glucose and satisfy the sweet demands of the body. Since the breaking down of glucose cannot be done due to insufficient supply of water, the body craves for sweets and other sugary foods.

Headaches: Headaches can be due to a long day at work, a lot of noise around you or some illness. One reason is dehydration. When the water content in the body is low, the supply and circulation of oxygenated blood in the head is cut off considerably. Due to this, headaches arise.

Dry skin: You follow your skin care routine religiously. The weather is not dry or humid but your skin still feels brittle, dry and flaky? If yes, then one reason can be dehydration. The pH level in the skin decreases when the water content in the body is low. Due to this, the skin gets low on moisture and becomes dry. You need to feed yourself with lots and lots of water to overcome dryness of the skin. If the condition is ignored, it might give rise to skin problems like eczema and psoriasis in the long run.

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Dark urine: We never really obvious the nature or colour of our urine until it becomes very necessary or is advised by our doctor. However, when the urine appears dark in colour and murky in nature, there is a problem. One such problem that is strongly indicated is dehydration. The concentration of urine becomes dense and more concentrated when the water content is not enough in the body.

Mood swings: A woman is characterised by her mood swings saying that she is in her menstrual phase right now. Well, that is an extremely unintelligent comment because mood swings arise due to hormonal imbalances and hormonal imbalances can occur due to a majority of reasons and not just menstruation. (*A small suggestion, do not think of menstruation as a burden or a woman’s inability). Getting on track now, mood swings can arise even when there is chronic dehydration. Dehydration causes hormonal imbalances that ultimately lead to mood swings.

Saggy and lose skin: Premature sagginess of the skin is a big reason to worry about. Usually this happens because the water content in the body is low and the skin losses its elasticity. Chronic dehydration is the reason behind it. It is also possible that the skin might lose its glow due to premature sagginess.

Dry eyes: Yes, it is also possible that your eyes can go dry due to low water levels in your body and that can transform into an ugly situation if ignored. While there a number of other causes like pollution, use of electronic gadgets, etc. that can cause dryness of the eyes, one undeniable reason is dehydration. The optimum water content of the eyes considerably lowers down causing this dryness.

So you see, dehydration can cause a lot of problems that might take no time to transform themselves into something grave. Make sure you take proper care and keep yourself hydrated.